Umbul Sidomukti in Semarang City, Central Java Province

For those coming to Semarang City, they should not forget to drop by in Umbul Sidomukti. As the name suggests, this complete vacation spot is located in Sidomukti Village and belongs to Bandungan Sub-District. The most popular allure is definitely the 4-leveled pools on where kids and adults can play water and enjoy swimming. Also, the site offers numerous facilities and rides including a camping ground, meeting room, outbound training, eateries, and much more! No wonder, lots of local families and outsiders often come to the site during weekends and long holidays. It is considered a perfect family recreation spot, after all.

The Nuance
The most impressive fact is that the site resides in 1200 meters above the sea level. It is surrounded by big trees and features cold atmosphere of the mountain, as well. It is true visitors should pay the entry fee in order to explore Umbul Sidomukti. In fact, the price goes up if they come during holidays or weekends. Have no worries. It is going to be a worthy expense. For the information, it costs more money to enjoy each facility and ride offered by the management.

Exploring Umbul Sidomukti
The first reason for visiting Umbul Sidomukti is definitely to enjoy the atmosphere. That means tourists may enjoy relaxation once they arrive at the location. After all, the site resides in a highland featuring lush trees and cold air. Not to mention the panorama is quite breathtaking! Aside from relaxation, sightseeing and photography are also popular there. One thing, tourists should not come early in the morning if they want to conduct photography. It is because the site is covered with fog at the time.

Actually, the most common reason for visiting Umbul Sidomukti is to get in the pools and enjoy a family recreation. The fact is the site offers 4-story swimming pools and they come in a different depth as well. When it comes to water quality, it is both clear and refreshing. Located near to the pools, tourists can find outbound facilities including marine bridge and flowing fox. If they want to enjoy other activities, they can rent an ATV and explore the valley comfortably!

Another allure in Umbul Sidomukti is the complete accommodation provided by the management. For examples, there are eateries, camping ground, coffee hut, and much more. Even a beautiful Tirta Mulya Cave resides near to the site that tourists can explore later. In order to take advantage of those accommodations and facilities, though, tourists need to spend some money. So, everyone should have prepared the budget beforehand.

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How to Get There
People who come from Semarang City need to spend about 58 minutes to get to Umbul Sidomukti. After all, the distance is 31.2 km. As for the fastest route, it is recommended to take Semarang –Surakarta Street. Once arriving at Bandungan Sub-District, the last thing to do is to get to Sidomukti Village where the site is located.

Where to Stay

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