The Grand Mosque of Semarang City in Central Java Province

Many major tourist sites reside in Semarang City. One of them is located in Gayamsari Sub-District and the name is Semarang Grand Mosque. The locals call it Masjid Agung, actually. The exact location is in Sambirejo Village and it has become a prime worshipping place for Moslems. However, due to the grand size and amazing architecture, many tourists are interested in visiting the mosque to conduct exploration and photography. They also take advantage of the mosque for resting before continuing the trip. The good thing is everyone is allowed to enter the site regardless of the religion! As long as they do not disturb worshippers, they are good to go.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Masjid Agung Semarang is definitely grandiose. It comes in three different architectural styles which are the Roman, Islam, and Javanese. No wonder, it looks both unique and beautiful. The roof applies Limasan style and it features a big dome having the diameter of 20 meters. Also, it features 4 towers that surround the dome. In the yard, tourists may see 25 beautiful pillars representing the Roman culture. Not to mention stunning calligraphies beautify those pillars! Still, the best feature is called Asmaul Husna Tower having the height of 99 meters.

Exploring the Grand Mosque
ting Semarang Grand Mosque. For example, it is related to photography. The grand and unique architecture of the mosque is worth some photo shoots, after all. Not only visitors are allowed to take photos from the outside part of the mosque, but they have the chance to take some inside! As long as they get the permission and do not worshippers, they are good to go.

The next thing that tourists can do in Semarang Grand Mosque is exploration. That means they get around the building and ask information regarding all features of the building. For example, at the base of one of the towers, there is the Dais Radio and TVKU transmitter. As for the second and third floor, tourists may find Kebudayaan Islam (Islamic Culture) Museum. Do not forget to drop by at the Muslim Café as well!

Perhaps the noticeable feature of Semarang Grand Mosque is the viewing tower, featuring 5 telescopes. The good thing is tourists are allowed to use them freely to watch the panorama of Semarang City. Now, it is time to talk about the rules. The most important one is related to the tourists’ behavior. As a guest or visitor, they should not litter and cause disturbing noises while exploring the mosque. Also, it is recommended to ask for permission first before entering the building (except for those who want to pray).

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From the downtown, tourists can directly go to Semarang Grand Mosque by taking Lamper Tengah and Gajah Raya Street. Their first destination is Gayamsari Sub-District. Next, they can simply reach Sambirejo Village where the mosque is located. This trip only takes about 13 minutes, as the distance is 4.6 km.

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