Contemporary Art Gallery in Semarang City, Central Java Province

An interesting vacation destination resides in Semarang City and it completes the allure of the region as well. The name is Contemporary Art Gallery. As people may expect, they can witness modern arts displayed in the gallery. The good thing is the exhibition is always changing depending on the scheduled events. Thus, tourists should find out information regarding the schedule first before visiting the site. So, where is it? The location is in Tanjung Mas Village and it belongs to North Semarang Sub-District. Also, it is located near to Srigunting Park, so everyone can find the location easily.

The Nuance
When it comes to nuance, Contemporary Art Gallery offers a neat and clean environment. Despite the small size, it won’t make everyone bored at all. For the information, the museum has been there since the reign of the Dutch. It even had undergone several renovations over time. From the outside, the gallery looks like a regular building. From the inside, it is dominated by white walls and several lightings. The glass rails make the structure looks modern and sleek, furthermore. This explains why the guests feel comfortable while enjoying those arts!

Exploring Contemporary Art Gallery
It is true Contemporary Art Gallery is an old building, but it remains in a good condition. Not only it has undergone several renovations, but the gallery also has a nice management. No wonder, the nuance is both comfy and clean. At least, this helps visitors to get a better experience while watching those arts. Actually, learning the history of the building is quite worthy so all tourists should get the information from the locals. It is said the gallery has undergone two renovations. It was destroyed and rebuilt both in 1918 and 1937. The official inauguration was in 2008 and it becomes a public vacation destination since then.

After learning the history, it is the time to enter the building and watch the arts. For the information, tourists should pay the ticket fee before entering the location. Have no worries. It is not expensive at all. Once entering the gallery, everyone may see various arts depending on the schedule. It is because the gallery displays different works of arts over time, so tourists must be aware of the schedule before visiting the location.

As for the tip, everyone should carry a camera when visiting Contemporary Art Gallery. No one wants to miss the chance to take photos of those beautiful arts, no? Another important tip is related to cleanliness. Even though carrying and eating foods is allowed inside the gallery, no one is allowed to litter!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
A trip to Contemporary Art Gallery takes only 15 minutes from Ahmad Yani International Airport, as the distance is 6.8 km. It can even be faster if tourists take Nasional 14 Street. Once they get to North Semarang Sub-District, they only need to reach Tanjung Mas Village where the gallery is located. There is no need to hire a tour guide to get to the location, in fact.

Where to Stay

  • Horison Hotel
  • Metro Hotel
  • Griya Pantes Hostel
  • Pelangi Indah Hotel

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