Srobi Hill in Semarang Regency, Central Java Province

Of all natural attraction located in Semarang Regency, Srobi Hill offers complete features to visitors including beautiful panoramas, pristine environment, and interesting culture. The location is in Kintelan Village and it belongs to Ambarawa Sub-District, actually. The prime allure is definitely the variety of spots for tourists to enjoy photography. They can choose either to conduct such hobby at the available viewing post or at any parts of the hill in fact. Well, photography is one thing. The fact is everyone can enjoy outbound activities comfortably there either with friends or families!

The Nuance
When it comes to nuance, Srobi Hill is similar to other hills that reside in Bandungan Tourist Area. The most impressive feature is definitely the series of panoramas including Kelir, Kendil, and Telomoyo Mountain. Those become perfect for photography, for sure! Another noticeable view is the vast famous lake called Rawa Pening! What is more in Indonesia? The hill comes with soothing zephyr, so the site is suitable for relaxation and eradicating stresses especially in the morning (when the air feels the freshest). After all, many tall trees and green plants surround the hill. On the horizon, tourists may see such vast pristine nature as well, in fact.

Exploring Srobi Hill
The most common reason for visiting Srobi Hill is to enjoy photography. Usually, tourists may reach the viewing post and take some photos on that spot. In this case, the best object to capture is the Ambarawa City itself. The formation of buildings and other nearby landscapes is seen clearly from up there. As for the tips, the first consideration is related to the weather. It is important to come during a bright day in order to avoid the rain. Also, it is not recommended to come in the morning due to the fog.

Aside from sightseeing and photography, people also come to Srobi Hill for trekking. The route is quite accommodating, featuring an easy landscape and stunning environment. That means even beginners are able to conduct hiking safely without the help of a porter. What they need is only some money to pay the entrance fee and to buy some supplies like snacks and bottled water. Also, even though the route is easy, everyone should come in a good stamina.

Another allure in Srobi Hill is the presence of “Becak Langit”. In terms of name, it means the sky pedicap. As the name suggests, the pedicap is located above the ground at the viewing post. Tourists can ride it and take selfies on it. After enjoying those activities, the last thing to do is to learn some history regarding the site. Visitors can get the information from the keeper or villagers actually. It is said the hill was used as a reconnaissance during the reign of the Dutch (which is in the 1890s). Make sure to learn more about it later once arriving at the site!

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How to Get There
The distance between Ahmad Yani International Airport and Srobi Hill is 54.6 km. That means the trip may take approximately 1 hour and 16 minutes to get to the site. Later, it even involves a short trekking to reach the top of the hill. Tourists’ first destination is Ambarawa Sub-District. Next, they only need to head to Kintelan Village where the hill resides. As for the best route, it is Semarang – Solo Highway.

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  • Baru Hotel
  • Merah Delima Hotel

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