Tay Kak Sie Temple in Semarang City, Central Java Province

It requires a good vacation spot in order to get a worthy trip. In this case, visiting Semarang City is a good idea. It is because tourists can find tons of great places to spend the holiday. For those who are into religious tourism, there is Tay Kak Sie Temple! The location is in Mlatiharjo Village and it belongs to East Semarang Sub-District. At the first time, the locals came to the temple to worship Goddess Koan Sie Im Po Sat. As the time went by, though, the temple became the place for worshipping various Gods from the Confucianism and Taoism belief. Also, these days, it becomes a new tourist site for both locals and outsiders.

The Nuance
It is easy to find Tay Kak Sie Temple, as it resides near to a famous unique building which is the replica of Admiral Zheng He’s ship. The temple is also surrounded by other old unique structures, as well. In terms of name, it means the temple of greatest awareness. On the front door, tourists may find information regarding the history of the building too! What about the nuance? For the information, the temple represents three beliefs namely Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. No wonder, it offers various ornaments representing those philosophies.

Exploring Tay Kak Sie Temple
Well, people have a different motive in visiting Tay Kak Sie Temple. For instance, they want to witness the unique architecture of the building. So, what makes it unique? As mentioned before, the design combines three religious beliefs. On the roof of the temple, there are two dragons fighting for the sun. There is the meaning behind the ornament, in fact. According to the locals, those dragons are the guardians of the building. It is said they are able to repel any bad spirits regardless of what it is.

As for the locals, Tay Kak Sie Temple functions as a worshipping place. As for the tourists, on the other hand, it becomes a nice place to conduct photography and exploration. All visitors are even allowed to take photos while exploring the temple. What they need to avoid is littering and making too much noise inside. After all, everyone should respect the temple due to the sacredness.

The next allure in Tay Kak Sie Temple is the presence of a special religious ceremony done by the locals. Not only the event attracts the local Chinese, but it also lures people who come from other regions. There is no race or religion boundary in order to watch and join the event, for sure. For tourists, it is important to learn the schedule first before visiting.

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How to Get There
The distance between Ahmad Yani International Airport and Tay Kak Sie Temple is 8.8 km. That means the trip may take only 21 minutes or less. Here is the tip. Everyone should only take Nasional Street in order to get to the temple faster. Their first destination is East Semarang Sub-District. Lastly, they can simply reach Mlatiharjo Village where the temple is located.

Where to Stay

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  • Horison Hotel
  • Alex Guesthouse

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