Kampung Djowo Sekatul in Semarang Regency, Central Java Province

When the long holiday is approaching, people are making a vacation plan thoroughly. It is common knowledge. The question is where they should spend the holidays! It can be as simple as visiting Semarang Regency, where many interesting vacation spots reside. Here is an example. The name is Kampung Djowo Sekatul, which is located in Limbangan Sub-District. To be exact, it resides in Margosari Village and has become the pride of the locals. The prime allure is the soothing nuance of rural area, without a doubt. However, the site also offers other attractions including outbound facilities, a traditional restaurant, camping ground, playground, swimming pool, and much more!

The Nuance
Kampung Djowo Sekatul is a complete tourist site, so all tourists should visit it someday regardless of the motive. When it comes to the nuance, visitors may feel the traditional Javanese ambiance right away once they arrive at the site. It has the size of 12 hectares and located in Medini Hill (the foot of Ungaran Mountain). Thus, the atmosphere is both cool and comfortable, especially for those who visit in the morning. The site also features many Joglo-style structures on where visitors can rest, eat, and do fun activities. Not to mention songs of birds accompany them while exploring the area.

Exploring Kampung Djowo Sekatul
Once arriving at Kampung Djowo Sekatul, the first impression is the pristine and serene nuance. It is because the site is surrounded by various landscapes including a river and mountain. Even the sound of gurgling water in the river is quite soothing, which is suitable for relaxation. The good thing is tourists can rent a room and spend the night at that place. Later, in the morning, they are able to enjoy a group activity like flying fox and other outbound rides.

As an alternative, tourists can take advantage of the available camping ground and enjoy camping either with friends or families. This is suitable for those love nature and outdoor activities, without a doubt. Moreover, the site provides a flowers and fruits garden, so parents can use it to teach their kids regarding the names of those plants. In some occasions, they can even book the place and conduct a garden party with colleagues.

The next noticeable feature in Kampung Djowo Sekatul is the presence of a swimming pool, which can be used freely. For those who have made an appointment with the management, in fact, they can perform a pre-wedding photo session there. At a special occasion, there is also a live music and traditional performances done by the management. In this case, tourists must come at the right time! At least, they must learn the schedule first before coming to Kampung Djowo Sekatul.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tirta Nusantara Fishing Pond
  • Ungaran Mountain
  • Watu Gunung
  • Sentosa Table

How to Get There
The distance between Ahmad Yani International Airport and Kampung Djowo Sekatul is 23.6 km. That means the trip may take approximately 45 minutes to get there. If tourists take Semarang – Boja Street, though, they can reach the location faster. First, they should head to Limbangan Sub-District. Lastly, they only need to get to Margosari Village and conduct a short trekking at Medini Hill.

Where to Stay

  • Medini Inn

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