Kampung Pelangi in Semarang City, Central Java Province

It is likely passionate travelers have more demands in finding new unique places to visit for the next holidays. Have no worries. Semarang City still has tons of vacation spots to explore including the one called Kampung Pelangi. In terms of name, “Kampung” means village while “Pelangi” means rainbow. As people may expect, they may see colorful houses once arriving at such unique local settlement. For the information, the location is in Randusari Village and it belongs to South Semarang Sub-District. As for the tourist activities, visitors can enjoy both exploration and photography.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the main allure in Kampung Pelangi is definitely the colorful houses. Villagers decided to paint it that way in order to beautify their home, after all. It is because the village used to be dirty and unappealing at all. In order to attract tourists, villagers even provide several nice spots to conduct photography. Here is the good news. The village resides near to Kalisari flower market. Thus, tourists can reach the market easily after exploring the village! The thing is visitors should pay the ticket to explore the settlement. Have no worries. It is quite affordable.

Exploring Kampung Pelangi
Many interesting spots are available in Kampung Pelangi. What tourists need to do is to explore them all! For instance, there is Jembatan Cinta or Love Bridge. It connects the main road to the village, actually. The locals beautify the bridge with colorful fabrics and provide a place to put padlocks of love. Even though the village has several bridges, this one is considered the best to conduct photography.

The next allure is the presence of painted walls, featuring numerous designs. The most noticeable one is the wall with Wayang or shadow puppet painting on it! There is even a unique ornament installed on the wall, which is a round-shaped mirror with shells on it. The next unique feature of the village perhaps is the wall with worm painting on it. For a unique photo, tourists should take a picture in front of the mouth of the worm (looking like they are going to be eaten by it).

What is more? Visitors have the chance to rent and ride a colorful bike to explore the village comfortably. The locals call it Sepeda Pelangi, actually. Another interesting allure in Kampung Pelangi is definitely the one called Puncak Pelangi or the rainbow peak. In order to reach the site, tourists should spend some stamina though. Have no worries. The scenery is the best once everyone arrives on that spot!

Nearby Attractions

  • Kasmaran Park
  • Sam Poo Kong Temple
  • Kalisari Flower Market

How to Get There
Kampung Pelangi is quite accessible from anywhere. If tourists come from Ahmad Yani International Airport, they only need to spend about 10 minutes to get to the village. It is because the distance between them is only 4.5 km. As for the fastest route, it is none other than Nasional 14 Street. What tourists need to do is to reach Randusari Village at South Semarang Sub-District.

Where to Stay

  • Louis Kienne Hotel
  • Teman Backpacker Inn
  • Alaska Hotel

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