Goa Rong View in Semarang City, Central Java Province

What makes a good vacation? The most important aspect perhaps is the destination. In this case, Semarang City might fulfill such qualification. It is because tourists can find tons of vacation spots to explore! One of them is located in Tuntang Sub-District, called Goa Rong View. The exact location is in Praguman Village, actually. In a nutshell, the site offers a breathtaking panorama and excellent atmosphere to enjoy several activities like relaxation, sightseeing, photography, and exploration. For the information, the location is on the top of the hill near to a viewing post. No wonder, the scenery looks majestic up there.

The Nuance
It is true tourists should conduct trekking in order to reach Goa Rong View. However, the reward is quite satisfying! Once arriving at the top of the hill, visitors are able to witness various panoramas like Rawa Pening Lake, Merbabu Mountain, Telomoyo Mountain, and Ungaran Mountain. The good news is the site provides many facilities as well including eateries, kid playground, and gazebos! There is even a park with numerous cute animals living in it. For the information, the site resides on 690 meters above the sea level and located in the midst of rubber plantations.

Exploring Goa Rong View
The prime feature in Goa Rong View is definitely the viewing post on where tourists can enjoy photography and sightseeing. Thus, do not forget to carry a camera when visiting the site! Another important consideration is related to the supplies. As it is going to be a tiring trip, everyone should carry some bottled water and snacks. This way, they can save much money and avoid spending on available cafes located near to the viewing post.

The next popular facility is none other than the gazebo. Moreover, visitors are allowed to use it freely! This explains why relaxation also becomes a reason to visit the site. Not only the nuance is comfortable, but it also comes with refreshing air! If tourists come in the morning, though, they need to wear a warm and comfy jacket. Also, it takes some time to wait for the fog disappears. Otherwise, they won’t be able to witness any panoramas due to such thick fog.

Somehow, Goa Rong View is suitable to spend a family recreation. Why is that? Thanks to the presence of the kid playground! Some fun rides are available including the see-saw, slides, and much more! For those who love exploration and adventure, there is the historical cave located a little bit far from the viewing post. It is said the cave was used by the Dutch to hide back then. In terms of nuance, the cave is surrounded by big trees and resides on 703 meters above the sea level!

Nearby Attractions

  • Rawa Pening Lake
  • Getas Coffee Plantation
  • Gedangan Village

How to Get There
From Ahmad Yani International Airport, a trip to Goa Rong View takes approximately 55 minutes. It is because the distance is 46.4 km. As for the best route, everyone should take Semarang – Solo Highway. After arriving at Tuntang Sub-District, the last thing to do is to get to Praguman Village and start trekking to reach the top of the hill.

Where to Stay

  • Paradijs Van Java
  • Grand Mamo Hotel
  • Banaran 9 Resort
  • Tlogo Resort

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