Warak Dugder Dance of Semarang City in Central Java Province

Many tourists may have realized that Semarang City has some unique dances to watch. One of them is called Warak Dugder Dance! For the information, it is the modification of Gambang Dance and it has been performed for decades by the locals. Combining traditional and modern aspects, the dance turns into a distinct and more beautiful performance. Thanks to Yoyok Bambang Priyambodo and Didik Ninik Towok. These people are the creators of the dance, actually. For tourists, watching the dance gives them both fun and knowledge regarding the mixture of culture. Thus, no one should miss it when visiting Semarang City later.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Warak Dugder Dance emits both energetic and cheerful vibes. It consists of both males and females dancers, as well. No wonder, it doesn’t look dull or boring. The performance is usually done inside a building regardless of the occasion. As for the attire, the participants wear eye-catching color especially yellow and orange. During the performance, the males even carry a dragon-like lampion! As for the female dancers, they surround the males by performing more dynamic moves.

More about Warak Dugder Dance
For those who want to watch and enjoy Warak Dugder Dance, they must get more detailed information regarding when and where the performance is done. In this case, the best bet is to hire a local guide. He may even tell the complete history of the dance, so it is a worthy expense. Well, the first thing to notice is the number of dancers. Usually, it is performed by 8 people consisting of 4 males and 4 females. However, at special occasions, it consists of 12 dancers.

The next important information is related to the name itself. Well, there is the word “Dugder” in it. As people may expect, it derives from a local tradition called Dugder (which is also a famous event in Semarang City). It is because the dance has become the part of the ceremony itself. There is also the word “Warak” in it. The name derives from one of the attractions performed during the show, which is Warak Ngendhog. Actually, it comes from the Arabian word “Wara’i” which means holy or sacred. What about “Ngendog”? It means laying eggs, actually.

In a nutshell, Warak Dugder Dance represents the reward gained by those who have undergone a sacred procession. Also, it is the mixture of several cultures including the Javanese, Chinese, and Arab. Have no worries. For more information regarding the history and meaning of the dance, tourists should ask either the locals or guide later.

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How to Get There
The fastest way to get to Semarang City is by airplane. In this case, for those coming from Jakarta City, they can take one at Soekarno – Hatta Airport and head to Ahmad Yani International Airport right away. Here is the good news. This flight only takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes!

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  • Peterongan Residence
  • New Metro Hotel
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  • Ibis Hotel

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