Klenting Kuning Waterfall in Semarang Regency, Central Java Province

The easiest way to get rid of boredom and stresses is to spend a vacation in nature. Those who live in or near to Semarang Regency should consider visiting Klenting Kuning Waterfall, therefore. The location is in Kemawi Village and it belongs to Sumowono Sub-District. Some people perhaps are familiar with the name, as it is similar to that of a local legend. Apart from the unique name, the waterfall is known for the beauty and challenging location. It resides in a secluded area, located in the west slope of Ungaran Mountain.

The Nuance
“Kuning” means yellow, actually. The locals gave the name due to the presence of majestic cliffs having such color. What about the waterfall? Well, the height is only 8 meters so it is considered moderate. The good thing is tourists can find two other beautiful waterfalls nearby, which are Klenting Hijau and Klenting Biru. Thus, they can explore those later without spending too much time. As for the facilities, visitors can find toilets and gazebos! What is more? The next noticeable feature is the presence of tons of Brugmansia or Terompet Flowers that grow abundantly on the site. Also, a wooden bridge resides on where tourists can enjoy sightseeing and relaxation.

Exploring Klenting Kuning Waterfall
The first common thing to do in Klenting Kuning Waterfall is definitely sightseeing. It is because the site is surrounded by many stunning objects including the waterfall itself. For instance, there are the yellow cliffs located near to the site. Those often become a perfect background for photography, in fact. The next beautiful feature is the abundant Brugmansia, which also becomes a nice object for photography. What is more? Even the wooden bridge becomes a wonderful spot to take photos.

Aside from enjoying the panorama, tourists also come to Klenting Kuning Waterfall to learn further information related to the site. For example, it is about the color of the cliffs. It is said the yellow color is caused by the high density of sulfur. Despite the fact, tourists won’t smell such gas at all while exploring the site. The next important story is regarding the name of the waterfall. According to the locals, people gave the name due to the rumor that Panji Asmara Bangun met his lover Dewi Sekartaji (Klenting Kuning) in this waterfall.

The rumor has it. The locals believe there is Alas Lumit hermitage located in the top of the waterfall. Due to such mystical story, some people are even afraid to come to the waterfall! Still, it doesn’t stop tourists to visit it regardless of the purpose.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ungaran Mountain
  • Gedong Songo Temple
  • Curug 7 Bidadari
  • Bantir Hill

How to Get There
A trip to Klenting Kuning Waterfall takes about 1 hour and 8 minutes if tourists come from Ahmad Yani International Airport. It is because the distance is 37.7 km. Their first destination is Sumowono Sub-District. Next, they can simply head to Kemawi Village where the waterfall is located. Also, for a faster trip, it is recommended to take Sumowono – Boja Street.

Where to Stay

  • Elroy Villa
  • Green Valley Hotel
  • Nugraha Wisata Hotel

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