Rawa Pening Lake in Semarang Regency, Central Java Province

Being the part of Semarang Regency, Ambarawa City also becomes a nice choice when it comes to natural attractions. Well, in this case, Rawa Pening Lake is considered the most famous tourist site to visit in Indonesia. The fact is the lake belongs to several regions including Bawen, Ambarawa, Banyubiru, and Tuntang. Not to mention it is surrounded by Ungaran, Merbabu, and Telomoyo Mountain. In terms of name, “Pening” derives from the word Bening which means clear or pure. No wonder, many tourists are impressed by its beautiful panorama and fun things that they can do on the site including fishing, photography, and much more!

The Nuance
When it comes to nuance, Rawa Pening Lake offers both serenity and beauty. Another impressive fact is none other than the grandiose size itself. It is said the lake has the total width of 2670 hectares! Some parts of it are covered by water hyacinths, as well. Those water plants are quite beneficial to fishes, as they provide a protection against the ray of the sun. The next noticeable feature that tourists may see in the lake is the formation of small fisherman boats scattered in different parts of it. Located near to the lake, tourists may also find a Kampung Wisata Rawa (a small village with interesting culture). Make sure to visit it later!

Exploring Rawa Pening Lake
The size of the lake itself has become a great allure for tourists. After arriving at the location, tourists may see many villagers who work on the site. Most of them are local fishermen, after all. These people visit the lake regularly either to conduct fishing or cultivating water hyacinths. Tourists can advantage of such nuance to satisfy their photography hobby, therefore. What they need is a camera and a perfect moment to take good photos.

What is next? Water touring is the next reason why many people come to Rawa Pening Lake. Thanks to the locals. Visitors can explore the lake by boat! They only need to pay the boat owner to provide the service. One thing, the rent fee becomes pricier if tourists come during weekends and holidays. It is because the demand is high at those times. Not to mention the number of boats is limited.

Another allure in Rawa Pening Lake is the legend! Tourists can get the information from villagers, actually. It is said there was a married couple who longed for a son. The husband even conducted a hermitage to achieve that goal. Soon after, the wife had a kid in the form of a dragon! While the father was going to meet the son, villagers capture the dragon and cook it! Fortunately, the son had turned into a human and came back to the village. The bad thing was villagers didn’t believe him and chase him away. Due to the rage, this boy stabbed a stick to the ground and challenged everyone to pull it out. No one succeeded so he decided to take it out by himself. Soon, infinity water came out from the ground and created a big lake which is called Rawa Pening!

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How to Get There
From Ahmad Yani International Airport at Semarang City, tourists may spend about 55 minutes in order to get to the lake. It is because the distance is 48.3 km. The trip even becomes faster if tourists take Semarang – Solo Street. Also, it is important to use only the best transportation service for the most comfortable trip.

Where to Stay

  • Banaran 9 Resort
  • Paradijs Van Java Hotel
  • Baru Hotel
  • Griya Wijaya Hotel
  • Oase Van Java

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