Sam Poo Kong Temple in Semarang City, Central Java Province

One of the most famous temples located in Semarang City is called Sam Poo Kong Temple and it has become a major vacation destination of the region. The location is in Bongsari Village and it belongs to Semarang Barat Sub-District. The prime allure is definitely the history of the building itself. People also come to the site to enjoy photography and relaxation, actually. It is because the panorama is nice and the nuance is quite relaxing. Somehow, the locals also call it Gedung Batu as it resides on a rocky hill and has the shape which is similar to a giant rocky cave.

The Nuance
Once arriving at Sam Poo Kong Temple, tourists can see giant statues of Sam Po Tay Djien located in front of the temple. In terms of nuance, it indeed represents the Chinese environment dominated by red and gold color. When it comes to the shape of the temple, it looks like a mini version of the Chinese Palace. As for the ornaments, the site has lots of lampions installed in several parts of the temple and the gate. What is more? Another noticeable feature is the presence of Sam Poo Kong fountain on where tourists can take photos and selfies!

Exploring Sam Poo Kong Temple
In terms of history, Sam Poo Kong Temple was once visited by the famous Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho or Zheng He. Tourists can learn more about him from either the locals or tour guide later. As for the tip, the best time to come to the temple is in the evening when the nuance is the best and the number of visitors is low. It is because they can enjoy the atmosphere in a more relaxing way and avoid the hassles due to the crowd.

So, aside from learning the history, what other activities can tourists do in Sam Poo Kong Temple? It is none other than exploration. That means they should explore all available pagodas that reside on the site. In fact, there are 4 of them! These include Sam Poo Tay Djien, Juru Mudi, Dewa Bumi, and Kyai Jangkar Pagoda. As the name suggests, each of the building was meant to worship a different God (as the name suggests).

What is more? Well, Sam Poo Kong Temple is somehow suitable to enjoy photography. All structures and ornaments are worth a photo shoot, after all. One thing, it must be done during a good weather. Otherwise, no one gets good photos when it is rain. Another recommended thing that tourists can do is to rent Chinese attire and take selfies with it. They can get one at the ticket booth, actually. The only consideration is the fee, which is considered a little bit pricey.

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How to Get There
For those coming from downtown, they can simply take available transportation service and head to Sam Poo Kong Temple directly. Their first destination is Semarang Barat Sub-District. Next, they should reach Bongsari Village and conduct a short trekking to the temple. For the information, the whole trip takes approximately 13 minutes as the distance is 5.3 km. It can even be faster if tourists take Sriwijaya Street.

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