Mandala Bhakti Museum in Semarang City, Central Java Province

One of the most famous museums in Semarang City is called Perjuangan Mandala Bhakti. The location is in Barusari Village and it belongs to South Semarang Sub-District. The location is on a roundabout and it resides in the south of famous Tugu Monument. Due to such strategic location, all people can easily find the building regardless of where they come from, for sure. So, what can tourists do there? The museum stores historical items and proofs of the TNI’s struggles in getting the Independence of Indonesia and retaining the world peace.

The Nuance
In terms of size, the museum is definitely big. Thanks to the good management. The nuance and environment are so clean! Once getting in the building, tourists may find several rooms as well. In fact, each room is used to store specific items! This explains why hiring a tour guide would be a good idea, as he can tell thorough information regarding those rooms and any items stored inside. For the information, those rooms are Peristiwa, Seragam TNI, Cacat Veteran, Senjata, Pelestarian Kerja, and Laskar Wanita Room. All tourists should ensure to explore them all during the visit later.

Exploring Mandala Bhakti Museum
Many people come to Mandala Bhakti Museum in order to learn the history. It is said the museum was built during the reign of the Dutch in 1930. At the time, those invaders used the building as a courthouse. This explains why the architecture looks formal and rigid. Later, during the reign of Nippon, the building became a military police base. Soon, after the independence day of Indonesia, it was used as the base for Komando Wilayah Pertahanan II.

Aside from learning the history, tourists also come to Mandala Bhakti Museum in order to witness all of the collections. Those objects are the proofs in how hard the Indonesian Army fought for the independence of the nation. Somehow, visitors are able to give more appreciation to those fighters after exploring the museum. This is why the local government keeps promoting it to more people including those who live outside the regions.

On the second floor of Mandala Bhakti Museum, visitors may find the statue of General Sudirman. For the information, that room was once used as a courtroom by the European who was living in Indonesia. Today, though, it becomes a gallery for historical fights between the Indonesian Army and invaders. The good thing is tourists are allowed to take photos while exploring the building.

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How to Get There
A trip to Perjuangan Mandala Bhakti Museum may take only 9 minutes if tourists come from Ahmad Yani International Airport. The distance is 4.2 km, after all. As for the best route, it is none other than Nasional 14 Street. Their main destination is Tugu Monument roundabout located in Barusari Village. Have no worries. The museum is located on the roadside, so it is quite accessible.

Where to Stay

  • Pandanaran Hotel
  • Louis Kienne Hotel
  • Pop Hotel
  • Rooms Inc.

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