Taman Mas Duaja Pyramid in Semarang City, Central Java Province

Perhaps some people have heard a new unique vacation in Indonesia called Brown Canyon located in Semarang City. Actually, there is another unique attraction located near to it. The name is Taman Mas Duaja Pyramid and it resides in Rowosari Village. In terms of region, it belongs to Tembalang Sub-District (which is in the same area as Brown Canyon). So, what is it exactly? As the name suggests, this construction has a pyramid-like shape which was built by Tanah Mas Duaja Inc. Unfortunately, this building has been abandoned for years by the management. Despite the spooky nuance, it looks majestic and is worth a photo shoot!

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the site looks secluded and abandoned due to the presence of lush bushes and wild plants. Moreover, no lightings are available so it becomes quite spooky at night. Despite the fact, the structure has an interesting shape (which somehow resembles that of Paris’ Louvre). No wonder, most tourists come to the site for photography and exploration. Some of them are even interested in the history of it! When it comes to color, the pyramid combines white and blue color! Isn’t it stunning?

Exploring Taman Mas Duaja Pyramid
Here is the fact. Not many people know the presence of Taman Mas Duaja Pyramid, even those who live in Semarang City. This is why the nuance is quieter than other vacation destinations. Despite the fact, people can take advantage of such peaceful atmosphere for lessening and eradicating stresses due to hectic daily routines. At least, they can rest for a while on the site before visiting other tourist spots like Brown Canyon.

The first allure in visiting Taman Mas Duaja Pyramid is the trip itself. It is because tourists need to pass through a challenging route, featuring many rocks and a steep road. It even becomes more troublesome if they come during rain. According to the locals, it takes about 30 minutes if tourists come from the downtown. Also, for the information, the pyramid is located on the Rowosari Hill so it involves a short trekking to reach the site. Thus, everyone should come in a good stamina and carry some supplies like snacks and bottled water before heading to the location.

Once arriving at the site, though, all those troubles go away almost in an instant! The unique shape of the structure and serene nuance welcome everyone. As for the tourist activities, visitors can enjoy photography to their heart’s content. Another recommended thing to do is to learn the history of the building. In this case, everyone should consider hiring a local guide who knows the information. It is said the pyramid was the leftover of a big project done by a big company in the 1990s. Instead of demolishing it, the company abandoned the pyramid until now.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For some people, it is a little bit difficult to get to Taman Mas Duaja Pyramid due to the challenging routes and landscapes. Have no worries. The locals may give a free direction to everyone, so tourists can take advantage of their service. For those coming from Ahmad Yani International Airport, they can take Elang Raya Street to get to Tembalang Sub-District and reach Rowosari Village afterward. For the information, this trip takes approximately 48 minutes, as the distance is 21.9 km.

Where to Stay

  • Bukit Indah Hotel
  • Griya Ayem Guesthouse
  • Rumi Hotel

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