Jungle Toon Waterpark in Semarang City, Central Java Province

A family recreation should be both comfortable and meaningful, no? This explains why tourists should be smart in choosing a vacation destination for the next holiday. If they visit Semarang City, they can choose Jungle Toon Waterpark first before visiting other vacation spots. The location is in Manyaran Village and it belongs to West Semarang Sub-District, actually. As the name suggests, the site offers an excellent waterpark on where visitors can enjoy swimming, recreation, and relaxation. Moreover, the location is quite strategic and it resides near to Bukit Wahid Regency Simongan Housing!

The Nuance
Once arriving at the location, tourists can feel the serene and comfy nuance right away. It is because the management has done a good job in maintaining the waterpark. No wonder, no trash is seen on the site! When it comes to the facilities, the prime attractions are definitely the swimming pools and some water rides like slides and spilling bucket. Have no worries. It comes with various pools (having different depths), so both kids and adults are able to have a good time there. Aside from those pools, other facilities reside especially the fitness center!

Exploring Jungle Toon Waterpark
The most common reason for visiting Jungle Toon Waterpark is to enjoy a family recreation. These include swimming and playing water. Still, they must choose the right pool depending on the depth though. No parents want to let their kids getting in the deep pool, no? Aside from swimming, visitors can take advantage of all available water rides especially the slides and the spilling water buckets. Even though the variety is not as many as those of Water Blaster, it is enough to satisfy everyone.

As for parents, they don’t have to swim in the pool. It is because Jungle Toon Waterpark also provides other facilities for them to use. The most recommended one is the fitness center. That means they can exercise and use available fitness equipment to their heart’s content. For a more relaxing experience, there is a sauna room! Women are indeed into this facility! The only thing to consider is the budget. Everyone should carry enough cash when visiting the waterpark. Each facility costs some money, after all.

What is more? The good thing is Jungle Toon Waterpark also comes with a playground and food court. Thus, visitors won’t get bored while spending time there. In fact, it is possible to rent someplace to conduct an event like a birthday party, pre-wedding photo session, wedding ceremony, etc!

Nearby Attractions

  • Sam Poo Kong Temple
  • Tanggul Sampangan
  • Garuda Pancasila Monument

How to Get There
The good thing is tourists are able to get to Jungle Toon Waterpark easily due to the strategic location. If they come from Ahmad Yani International Airport, they only need to spend about 12 minutes to get to the location. It is because the distance is 4.6 km. The first thing to do is to get to West Semarang Sub-District. Next, it only takes several minutes to reach Bukit Wahid Regency Simongan Housing at Manyaran Village where the waterpark resides. As for the best route, it is recommended to take Wr. Supratman Street.

Where to Stay

  • Galaxy Guesthouse
  • Airy Hotel
  • UTC Hotel

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