Sultan Kasimudin Mosque in Bulungan Regency, North Kalimantan Province

Some people think that Bulungan Regency is only about culture and natural attractions. The fact is the region also has some interesting religious buildings for tourists to visit, including the one called Sultan Kasimudin Mosque. The location is in Central Tanjung Palas Village and it accommodates local Muslims when it comes to praying. Aside from that prime function, the mosque also attracts tourists over time. These visitors would take photos and rest at the terrace during the visit. Moreover, the mosque owns an interesting history that tourists can learn later.

The Nuance
Sultan Kasimudin is one of the most famous mosques in Bulungan Regency. No wonder, the nuance is considered crowded due to the presence of both worshippers and tourists. The size is moderate and it applies a Javanese traditional mosque design. The color is dominantly yellow and it features a green color on some of its parts. There is only one dome, but no towers. The good thing is the mosque is surrounded by tall trees, especially coconuts. The parking area is considered vast, as well. Not to mention the environment is clean and neat. Thanks to the management.

Exploring Sultan Kasimudin Mosque
There are not many things to do in Sultan Kasimudin Mosque. For instance, tourist can take advantage of the serenity for resting during their trip. The presence of several trees in that area is quite helpful to relax, as well. The next common thing that tourists may do is an appreciation or exploration. That means they would get around the mosque to see both exterior and interior. As compared to other mosques, this one is simpler and smaller. The prime materials are ironwood and concrete mixture. The foundation is made of cement and stone plated tiles.

Perhaps, the most beautiful object that tourists can find in Sultan Kasimudin Mosque is the tiles itself. It has the Europe architecture patterns and came from Netherland. As for the size, the mosque has a height of about 15.5 meters. According to the locals, the mosque only used floor mats! Thanks to the Sultan. He renovated and improved the mosque during his reign. The next Sultan also conducted some improvements later.

Tourists can take advantage of Sultan Kasimudin Mosque’s historical value, too, during the visit. No windows are available, but the mosque comes with 11 doors. Also, in the yard, tourists may find a royal tombstone, which belongs to Sultan Maulana Muhammad Kasimudin. No wonder, the mosque is named after him. For the information, the location of the tomb is in the west part of the mosque yard.

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How to Get There
From Jakarta City, tourists should take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Tanjung Selor City (Tanjung Harapan Airport). This flight takes about 1 day and 11 hours, so tourists must come with a good stamina. After arriving at the airport, their next destination would be the mosque. The distance is 19.6 km, so the tourists’ trip may spend around 28 minutes. As for the best route, it is recommended to take Ahmad Yani Street.

Where to Stay

  • Teduran Mas Hotel

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