The Sriwijaya Kingdom practiced a bustling and lucrative trade with ancient China its era of powerful dynasties and in 672,the Chinese scholar Tsing recorded that a thousand monks and scholars could be seen translating and studying Sanskrit in what is now the regional capital of palembang. However, few relics of this memorable era remain.


Telanai Pura Hotel
Brojonegoro Street 14, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 60872

Adipura Hotel
Prof. Dr. Sumantri Brojonegoro Street 119, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 60200, 60900

Aini Hotel
Prof. H. Moh. Yamin SH Street 19, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 61025

Indonesia Hotel
Slamet Riyadi Street 46
Phone: (0741) 21411

Grand Hotel Jambi
Prof. Sumantri Brojonegoro Street 51-54, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 64398

Isti Hotel
Panglima Polim Street 12
Phone: (0741) 22667

Jayakarta Hotel
Sudirman Street 82 - 84 Street, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 22667

Kartika Jaya Hotel
Dr. Subroto Street 32, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 50620, 22690

Mustika Hotel
Sultan Agung Street 81, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 24672

Nusa Wijaya Hotel
Kol. Abunjani Street 14, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 60154

Palem Hotel
Soekarno - Hatta Street 45, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 25164

Surya Hotel
M. Husni Thamrin Street
Phone: (0741) 26558

Wisata Hotel
Jend. Gatot Subroto Street 132, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 22032

Makmur Hotel
Husni Thamrin Street 14, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 22324, 23226

Abadi Hotel
Gatot Subroto Street 92
Phone: (0741) 24054
Fax: (0741) 23065

Harisman Hotel
Prof Dr. Muh. Yamin SH Street
Phone: (0741) 246667

Marisa Hotel
Kol. Abun Jani Street 12, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 60533
Fax: (0741) 60891

Jambi Tepian Ratu International Hotel
Slamet Riyadi Street, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 66 8888

Novotel Jambi Hotel
Gatot Subroto Street 44, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 27208

Matahari 1 Hotel
Sultan Agung Street 67 A, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 24610

Jambi Raya Hotel
Camar I Street 45-48, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 34971

Safera Hotel
Kol. Baunjani Street 12, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 60533

Perdana Hotel
P. Hidayat Kota Baru Street, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 42182

Sovia Hotel
Arif Rahman Hakim Street 19, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 63452

Merdeka Hotel
Prof. Dr. Sumantri Brojonegoro Street 33
Phoxne: (0741) 60576

Mexiana Hotel
Halim Perdana Kusuma Street 10, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 22163

Catleya Hotel
Prof. Dr. Sri Sudewi Maschun Sofyan, SH Street 12, Jambi
Phone: (0741) 62256

Pinang Hotel
Dr. Sutomo Street 9
Phone: (0741) 22521

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