Mega Island

Mega Island is an Indonesia’s outer island that located in Indian Ocean and it directly bordered with India. Administratively, this island part of North Bengkulu regency, Bengkulu Province. This island is uninhabited but it becomes the fishermen’s fishing spot.

Reaching Mega island is about to face difficult route and it is not easy to get there. Fortunately, this island is such a potential island in case of the fishery products. The natural sightseeing around the island is also riveting and tremendous. We can see the clear underwater inside the ocean, colorful coral reefs and million of fishes.

How to get there:
To go to this island is can be reach from Bengkulu to the port of Bengkulu for about 30 minutes by using car. After arrive in Port Bengkulu, we can rent a motor boat with 5 GT size to Mega island, and it takes 7 hours.

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