West Sulawesi

West Sulawesi is a province in Indonesia. It is located in the western part of Sulawesi island. The capital of this province is Mamuju and it has known as a rich tourist destination province. Administratively, the province is divided into 5 Regencies: Majene Regency, Mamasa Regency, Mamuju Regency, North Mamuju Regency and Polewali Mandar Regency. Geographically, the province is located in the cross position of the golden Triangle of South Sulawesi, East Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi as well as directly faces national and international sailing route of Makassar straits. The topographic condition of West Sulawesi Province comprises ocean, low land and high land; it has enabled the province to have fertile land. Climate in the region generally belongs to tropical.

The native people of West Sulawesi are known as brave sailors and the culture of the people has improved their living. The culture of this mountainous area is similar to the Toraja culture. The tourist attractions of West Sulawesi include natural mountainous landscapes, the unique culture, mountain and coastal tourist destinations.

The white sand of Karampuang Island is one of popular tourist destination in Mamuju regency, West Sulawesi. This is a large range of relaxing seaside activities are awaiting the visitors. The island has surrounded by pristine coral reefs. The Tamasapi Falls is another beautiful tourist attraction in West Sulawesi. It is 70 m tall and it is also located in Mamuju regency. It is popular among the visitors because of its fresh and clean air, natural water and beautiful views are presented here.

Moreover, West Sulawesi still has wide variety of tourists destination and its traditional culture, like the Heritage House in Mamuju. It is a building complex, which consists of: the salssa (the king’s residence, the main building), the bandara raja (royal family residence), the pengawal raja (the guards’ residence), the lumbung smoldering (larder, barn), the workshops and the residences of the smiths and the the goldsmiths, the horse barn and the deer stables. Just visit West Sulawesi then you can find those wonderful tourists destination.

How to reach :
To go to West Sulawesi is can be done by air and arrive at Tampa Padang Airport, 27 Km from Mamuju the capital city. When we taking sea lane, Belang-Belang Bakengkeng Harbor Mamuju District, Ferry Simboro Mamuju Harbor connect Mamuju-Balikpapan, Batulicin, Surabaya, Ujung Polewali Mandar, Palippi natural harbor in Majene;,Manakara Harbor in Mamuju.

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