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Mataram is the capital of the Province of West Nusa Tenggara or Nusa Tenggara Barat. The city is situated within Lombok Barat Regency and lies on the western side Lombok Island, it is also the largest city of the province.

The Sasak people are the indigenous people of Lombok and form the majority of Mataram’s residents. Mataram is also home to people of Baliese, Chinese, Tionghoa-peranakan people of mixed Indonesian and Chinese descent and small number of Arab Indonesian people, mainly of Yemeni descent who settled in the early port city of Ampenan. Although urban dwellers the Sasak people of Mataram still identify strongly with their origins and the Sasak culture.

Islam is the religion of the majority population of Mataram. Other religion’s practised in Mataram are Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Mutual respect and tolerance of other peoples beliefs allow the community of Mataram to live together in harmony.

Mataram society normally the Sasak language. Bahasa Sasak is the native language of the indigenous people of Lombok. Indonesian is the language most widely used in formal business, education and government contexts. When at home or a place of recreation Mataram residents tend to use Mataram Sasak language.

Like other provinces in Indonesia, Mataram is also has many things to be explored and worth seeing. The interesting places like;
Mayura Garden Taman Mayura is a water palace built in 1744. This was a location of some of the fierce battles that took place between Dutch and Balinese forces in 1894.

Narmada Park Taman Narmada. is located 10 km east of Mataram, this park was the relaxation place for the king during the time of feudalism. This park has a Hindu temple and swimming pool. It also has a fountain which is called “Youth Fountain”, believed to give long life to a person that drinks its water.

Museum of West Nusa Tenggara, Museum Negeri Nusa Tenggara Barat. The NTB museum has exhibits on the geology, history and culture of Lombok and nearby Sumbawa.

There is also: Pura Meru, Pura Segara, Loang Baloq, Old Town Ampenan, Senggigi Beach, Batu Bolong, Kute Beach Lombok, Tanjung A’nn beach and Gili Islands.


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