Six Indonesian Popular Destinations in Asian Games 2018

Six popular destinations from different parts of the country are featured on images to promote Indonesian tourism during the 2018 Asian Games.

As reported by, the images, which are intended for billboards, also feature models adorned in traditional attire from countries participating in the Games.

“The initial idea was to welcome the different Asian nations to […] Asia’s largest sporting event. We use this moment to introduce Asian faces to society,” Ade Irawan from the Indonesian Asian Games Organizing Committee’s (INASGOC) communication department said, as quoted by

These are the six destinations featured on billboards in celebration of the Asian Games.

1. Borobudur, Central Java


The Borobudur temple is a cultural and religious tourist destination, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located in Magelang, Central Java, Borobudur is one of the most recognized icons of Indonesian tourism.

To dive into the culture, travelers to the area can also choose homestay accommodation to remain near the site.

The Asian Games billboard for Borobudur features a model wearing a Southeast Asian-inspired costume while representing the sport of archery.

2. Shark Teeth Beach, Lampung


With a costume inspired by several cultural elements from across Central Asia, another image is set on Lampung’s Shark Teeth Beach.

Located 90 kilometers from Bandar Lampung, it is the unique pointed rocks have earned the beach its name.

3. Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, Bali


The next image features Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, a temple compound in Candikuning village in Bali. Located approximately 50 km north of Denpasar, the temple is surrounded by a serene lake.

Ulun Danu Beratan hosts five temples inside its premises, namely Agung Penataran, Dalem Purwa, Taman Beiji, Lingga Petak and Prajapati.

Meanwhile, the billboard features a model wearing an outfit inspired by East Asian culture while he holds on to a paddle.

4. Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi


Tana Toraja is located in South Sulawesi and is a conservation area of Proto Melayu Austronesia that is still well preserved.

A visit to Tana Toraja is not complete without visiting the burial site of the Toraja people, which is set on a rocky hill. Toraja culture upholds many traditional ceremonies set against a background of natural beauty.

For the Asian Games image, the model wears a South Asian-inspired costume while holding a golf club. Toraja’s rolling hills and traditional houses can be seen in the background.

5. Padar Island, Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara


Padar Island is one of the islands that make up the Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara. The iconic bay featured on the promotional image is one of Indonesia’s most recognized spots of natural beauty.

Padar is one of the islands where travelers can see komodo dragons in the wild, aside from the neighboring islands of Komodo and Rinca.

In the Asian Games image, tribal elements inspired by several cultures of Southeast Asia define the costume of a model carrying a badminton racket.

6. Mount Rinjani, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara


Mount Rinjani in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, one of Indonesia’s seven highest summits, is listed as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

The hiking destination, popular among local and foreign climbers, invites visitors to enjoy beautiful views of Segara Anak Lake, the hills as well as the sea of clouds on top of the mountain and the beautiful crater.

On the image, the model, who carries a bicycle, wears garments inspired by the Middle East.


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Unique Tradition of Polewali Mandar Regency in West Sulawesi


Polewali Mandar Regency becomes increasingly popular these days, especially due to the presence of Tonyaman Archipelago. However, people have other reasons for visiting the region! These include the interest in local culture and tradition. Not only Polman becomes the home of Mandar Tribe, but it also offers various interesting traditions that tourists can enjoy during the visit. In fact, it may require much time to enjoy all these traditions as there are many of them. Plus, tourists need the help of a local guide who can explain thoroughly regarding the history and more information on those customs.


Mandar Tribe

Here is the fact. Mandar Tribe or Mandarese People dominate the population of West Sulawesi Province, especially in Polewali Mandar Regency. In terms of the name, it derives from “Sipamandar” (to strengthen). It is said there were about 14 kingdoms who share the same region back then. Through an agreement, these kingdoms try to build a stronger bond over time and live harmoniously. Some tourists are interested in Mandar Tribe’s characteristics which are friendly and helpful. Not to mention they have an attractive appearance, especially the local women.


Enjoying Unique Tradition of Polewali Mandar Regency

Now it is the time to talk about any available traditions of Polewali Mandar Regency. There are many famous ones indeed, including Sayyang Pattu’du. It has the meaning of “the dancing horses”, which is the form of gratitude due to the success of local kids in finishing the whole Holy Quran. As the name suggests, villagers may conduct a convoy while riding a horse and accompanied by traditional music instruments. That means this tradition has a close connection to Islamic culture, as well. Moreover, tourists are allowed to watch the event freely and take some pictures during the convoy.


The next popular tradition is called Kalindaqdaq, which is the form of words delivery to someone. The purpose is to impress others with such beautiful words. No wonder, the locals often use it in order to flatter women and someone they like. What is next? Mandar Tribe also has a unique tradition called Perahu Sandeq, which represents the locals’ capability in voyaging. In this case, tourists can take pictures of Mandar’s boats and learn some history about their voyaging.


The next interesting tradition is called Parrawana or Rebana. At the special occasion, villagers may gather and play tambourines (rebana) together. Rebana has a close connection to Islamic culture, in fact. Not only tourists are allowed to watch the performance, but they can also learn how to play it! What they need to do is to talk to the locals and ask them regarding the tutorial.


Nearby Attractions

  • Bahari Beach
  • Tumpiling Fish Pond
  • 7 Islands of Polewali
  • Rawa Bangun
  • Limbung Sitodo
  • Limbung Kamandang
  • Sarung Allo Park


How to Get There

A trip to Polewali Mandar Regency may take about 4 hours if tourists come from Mamuju City. It is because the distance is 202.9, which is considered a long trip. Have no worries. It would be both fun and comfortable if they use the best local transportation service and take the right route to get to the site.


Where to Stay

  • Ratih Hotel
  • Lilianto Hotel
  • Dirja Guesthouse
  • Mamasa Cottage
  • Mery Cottage
  • Indah Hotel



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A Piece of Heaven Called Temajuk Beach in Sambas

Temajuk marks the point where Indonesia ends and Malaysia starts. Not yet known to many domestic and international travellers, Temajuk Village features a tidal beach with soft, white sands dotted with granite rocks. Underwater sightseeing is made possible as the water is clear.

Temajuk beach, actually running at a very long 60 km of coastline, is a tidal coast area featuring soft, white sand and preserved environment. One thing that differs this beach from Balinese beaches is portruding granite rocks distributed evenly throughout the coastal environment.

In places, granite rocks formations are in touch with corals. Best place to enjoy these formations is a certain location called Batu Pipih. In addition, the water along the beach is clear and offers good visibility, making it possible for snorkelers to do a short sightseeing underwater. It is no wonder that sea turtles choose Temajuk beach as their hatching place.

Some surfers have also tried the waves here – during Februrary-October, waves can hike up to 2 meters.

While the beach runs a very long 60 km-line, tourist and travelers activities are centered at Temajuk Village. It was Mr. Atong, a native to the village, who in 2010 started to shape the area into a tourist destination. He transformed a piece of his family land into a professional destination, independently managed.

At Atong Bahari Bay, Mr. Atong innitiated a homestay. As the area is not yet too crowded, visitors can always find a shelter here. If Mr. Atong homestay is full, they are welcomed to stay at people’s houses. So far, however, visitors are dominated by domestic tourists.

The village and its beach are not easy to catch, however. They are located at northernmost point of Indonesian Borneo, only 4 km away from Malaysia’s Melano Bay. Visitors start from Singkawang to the direction of Sambas. It is a 6-hours journey on a 200-km route.

The journey then continues to Kartiasa where we have to board a ferry to cross a big Borneo river. Once landed, we continue to the direction of Paloh, tracking a route with lots of improvement projects. We still need to cross two more rivers in a 50-km route afterwards before reaching Temajuk Village.

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Watu Godeg Beach Tourism, Lumajang


Have you ever been to Lumajang? Have you ever enjoyed a wonderful beach atmosphere here? This time we will review about the amazing beach scenery located in Lumajang Regency.

Watu Godeg Beach is an amazing beach located in Lumajang Regency precisely in Tempursari District, offers the beauty of beach surrounded by towering cliffs. Besides you can also find the lush pandan sea trees grow around Watu Godeg Beach, thus making a different scene from every corner. Another uniqueness of this tourism is the presence of towering big rocks lies on the edge of the beach. Indeed not many who know this one, but the panorama offered are amazing.

Visit the beach in the middle of the trip you will be treated to a landscape are very fascinating surrounded by swamps around it. The clear swamp water that is different from the marsh generally adds to its own distinct exoticism.

To Get There

For those of you who will visit Watu Godeg Beach, there are two alternative ways that can be used, from Malang Regency or pass Lumajang District, if you come from out of town you can use plane and transit in Surabaya, firstly, by continuing the journey from Surabaya to Lumajang Regency by using Bus or taxi, from Lumajang Regency you have to continue the journey back to Pasirian Subdistrict, here you can continue the journey back to Tempursari Sub-district through the south coast. Among the border of Pasirian and Tempursari subdistrict is the location of Watu Godeg Beach tourism.

Second, you can continue the journey from Surabaya to Malang, from Malang you can continue the journey to Dampit District by Mini Bus, from Dampit you still have to continue the journey towards Kali Bening, then you have to go down to move Tempursari District. Not far from Tempursari District Watu Godeg Beach.

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The Integration of Conventional and Digital Marketing to Achieve Indonesia’s Tourism Glory

Integrasi Pemasaran Konvensional dan Digital untuk Kejayaan Pariwisata Indonesia

Ginting Satyana

Director PT Mahoni Global ( &


Frasa dunia dalam genggaman kini bukan hanya perumpamaan, melainkan telah menjelma jadi kenyataan. Batasan ruang dan waktu seakan tak lagi relevan karena interaksi bertransformasi menjadi serba cepat, mudah, dan lebih terjangkau dengan adanya kecanggihan teknologi komunikasi. Tak ayal, platform digital pun seakan menjadi primadona tak terkecuali bisnis dan pariwisata. Sektor pariwisata tanah air yang berkembang pun menjadi sebuah ladang bisnis menguntungkan. Guna mengembangkan sektor pariwisata, tentu kemampuan beradaptasi dan berinovasi sesuai dengan perkembangan zaman diperlukan agar dapat bersaing dengan pariwisata negara-negara lain. Dalam hal ini, pemerintah — khususnya Kementrian Pariwisata — dan segala stakeholders terkait harus berperan aktif dalam memasarkan dan ‘menjual’ destinasi wisata Indonesia. Seluruh pihak harus memiliki loyalitas dan rasa tanggung jawab untuk mengelola pariwisata Indonesia baik saat ini maupun di masa depan. Pendanaan promosi pariwisata harus dibagi secara proporsional, yakni 50% untuk pendanaan short term bagi promosi destinasi wisata yang sudah terkenal, sedangkan 50% sisanya untuk pendanaan long term bagi destinasi wisata yang terbilang baru. Di sisi lain, hal ini juga harus diimbangi dengan kualitas dan daya tarik dari destinasi wisata itu sendiri. Kondisi destinasi pariwisata baik yang belum maupun sudah memadai tetap harus terus dibenahi, mulai dari segi akomodasi, akses, hingga fasilitas di destinasi wisata yang ada di Indonesia. Guna mencapai kondisi bisnis yang ideal, maka yang tak boleh diabaikan adalah aspek pemasaran yang mencakup publikasi dan promosi — baik ke dalam negeri maupun ke dunia internasional. Dalam hal ini tentu digital marketing memegang peranan yang amat penting. Perangkat gawai dengan koneksi internet memberikan kebebasan bagi tiap orang tanpa terkecuali untuk mengakses informasi dan kemudian menyebarluaskannya kembali. Dalam kaitannya dalam pengembangan bisnis pariwisata, platform digital merupakan medium yang tepat untuk dimanfaatkan guna mempercepat dan memperluas cakupan promosi dan publikasi destinasi-destinasi pariwisata yang ada.


Pada hakikatnya, digital marketing merupakan sarana atau medium untuk pencitraan merek suatu produk atau jasa yang meliputi kegiatan promosi dan pemasaran yang berbasis perkembangan teknologi digital. Implementasi digital marketing pada umumnya memanfaatkan pelbagai platform digital guna aktivitas peningkatan citra merek, seperti melalui website, social media, online advertising, email direct marketing, forum discussion, mobile applications, group chat, dan lain-lain. Digital marketing pun bukan berarti hanya komunikasi satu arah, karena ada pula platform digital yang memungkinkan terciptanya mass interactive activity, seperti misalnya forum diskusi. Hal ini bisa melibatkan banyak orang dan bisa membantu perkembangan sebuah bisnis secara digital, baik sebagai referensi maupun dari segi SEO. Maka, jika dibandingkan dengan offline marketing, digital marketing memiliki sederet keunggulan, mulai dari segi kecepatan, penggunaan yang praktis, beban biaya yang sedikit, hingga cakupan yang tak terbatas ruang dan waktu.


Segala kelebihan dari digital marketing ini tentu harus diimbangi dengan optimalisasi yang tepat agar mendapat hasil maksimal. Strategi pemasaran melalui platform digital harus dapat menarik perhatian target sasaran, yakni para wisatawan baik lokal maupun mancanegara. Karenanya, materi promosi yang dipersiapkan tak hanya harus informatif, tapi juga  harus dikemas secara kreatif – mulai dari artikel, foto, video, infografis, dan lain-lain – agar dapat menarik lebih banyak pengunjung. Selain itu, melakukan konsultasi dengan ahli digital marketing bisa menjadi langkah tepat untuk memulai implementasi strategi pemasaran maksimal. Sayangnya, peluang pengembangan bisnis pariwisata secara digital masih belum sepenuhya disadari dan dipahami oleh para stakeholders yang memegang peranan penting dalam sektor pariwisata Indonesia. Tengok saja bagaimana beberapa daerah di Indonesia masih setia pada offline marketing dengan memproduksi dan mendistribusikan ribuan brosur cetak yang selain menyita waktu dan cakupannya sempit, juga membutuhkan biaya tak sedikit. Karenanya, amat penting untuk menggalakkan literasi digital sedini mungkin, baik melalui seminar, diskusi, maupun pertukaran informasi di dunia maya. Harapannya, seluruh stakeholders bisa memiliki kesadaran dan pemahaman bahwa penerapan dan pemanfaatan platform digital akan berdampak positif pada efektivitas pemasaran bisnis pariwisata.


Kendati demikian, bukan berarti offline marketing harus sepenuhnya ditiadakan. Karena pada intinya, tujuan dan target publik dari kedua strategi pemasaran tersebut sama, yakni untuk memaksimalkan jumlah kunjungan wisatawan, khususnya yang berasal dari mancanegara untuk meningkatkan devisa negara. Karenanya, strategi yang tepat adalah melalui integrasi dan kombinasi antar offline marketing dan digital marketing sesuai dengan segmentasi dari masing-masing destinasi pariwisata yang ada. Disamping itu, keunggulan lain yang ditawarkan digital marketing adalah promosi dan publikasi tak hanya bisa dilakukan oleh pelaku bisnis, tapi dapat dilakukan oleh siapapun sebagai pengguna dari platform digital tersebut. Oleh sebab itu, yang dapat berkontribusi dalam perkembangan pariwisata Indonesia bukan hanya insan pariwisata melainkan juga dapat melibatkan pelbagai pihak, termasuk generasi muda. Dengan adanya loyalitas dan rasa nasionalisme yang tinggi, kesadaran dan pemahaman yang menyeluruh perihal implemetasi strategi pemasaran yang tepat, serta kolaborasi dari seluruh stakeholders untuk aktif mempromosikan pariwisata Indonesia, maka kejayaan bisnis pariwisata Indonesia bukanlah impian semata.


The Integration of Conventional and Digital Marketing to Achieve Indonesia’s Tourism Glory

Ginting Satyana

Director of PT Mahoni Global ( &


The phrase of the world in a grasp today is more than just a metaphor, because it has become a reality. It seems that limitation of space and time is no longer relevant because today’s interaction has transformed into a fast paced, easier, and more affordable with the advance of communication technology. Undoubtedly, digital platform seemed to be the top, including in business and tourism. Our nation tourism sector that has growing continuously becomes a profitable business field. In order to develop the tourism sector, the ability to adapt and innovate is certainly necessary to compete with other countries’ tourism. In this case, the government — especially the Ministry of Tourism – and all relevant stakeholders must play an active role in marketing and ‘selling’ Indonesian tourist destinations. All parties must have a loyalty and a sense of responsibility for managing Indonesian tourism – both for the current condition and for the future. Funding for tourism promotion should be proportionally shared, which is 50% for short-term funding for the promotion of well-known tourism destinations, while the remaining 50% for long-term funding for the development of new tourism destinations. On the other hand, this should also be balanced with the quality and attractiveness of the tourism destination itself. Indonesia’s tourism condition nowadays is adequate and yet still have a lot of things to be fixed, from the aspect of accommodation, access, to facilities in tourism destinations in Indonesia.

In order to achieve the ideal business conditions of tourism, the marketing aspect that includes  publicity and promotion — both domestically and internationally should not be ignored. In this case, digital marketing plays a very important role. A device equipped with an internet connections gives everyone the freedom without exception to access information and then redistribute it. In connection with the development of tourism business, digital platform is the right medium to be utilized in order to expedite  and expand the scope of promotion and publication of existing tourism destinations. By implementing digital marketing strategies, Indonesia has equal opportunity and reach as wide as other countries in marketing tourism.

In essence, digital marketing is a medium for the branding of a product and service that includes promotional and marketing activities based on the development of digital technology. Implementation of digital marketing in general utilize various digital platform for brand image enhancement activity, for instance through website, social media, online advertising, direct marketing email, discussion forum, mobile applications, group chat, and others. Digital marketing is not just a one-way communication, because there is also a digital platform that allows the creation of mass interactive activity, such as discussion forums. This can involve many people and able to help the development of a business digitally, both as a reference and in terms of Search Engine Optimization. So, when compared with the conventional marketing (offline marketing), digital marketing has a series of advantages, from the aspect of speed, practical use, little expense, to unlimited scope of space and time.

All the advantages of digital marketing certainly had to be balanced with the right optimization for marketing efforts to get maximum results. Marketing strategy through digital platform should be able to attract the attention of targets, which are both local and foreign tourists. Therefore, promotional materials should be prepared to not only become informative, but creative as well –from articles, photos, videos, infographic , and etc — to attract more visitors. Furthermore, consulting with digital marketing experts can be done to start an implementing of maximum marketing strategy. Unfortunately, the business development opportunities of digital tourism is still not fully aware and understood by the stakeholders who play an important role in the Indonesian tourism sector. Just look at how some areas in Indonesia are still stick to offline marketing by producing and distributing thousands of printed brochures that beside wasting more time and narrow coverage, also certainly requires a lot of money. Therefore, it is very important to start promoting digital literacy as early as possible, either through seminars, discussions, or exchanging information in cyberspace. In the end, all relevant stakeholders can have awareness and understanding that the implementation and utilization of digital platform will have a positive impact on the effectiveness of tourism business marketing.

However, it does not mean that conventional marketing (offline marketing) should be completely eliminated. Because in essence, the goals and public targets of both marketing strategies are the same, which is to maximize the number of tourist arrivals, especially from foreign countries to increase foreign exchange. Therefore, the right strategy is through integration and combination between offline marketing and digital marketing according to the segmentation of each existing tourism destination. Furthermore, other advantages offered by digital marketing are the promotion and publication not only can be done the business, but can be done by anyone as a user of the digital platform. Therefore, those who can contribute in the development of Indonesian tourism are not only tourism from government or private sector, but also can involve various parties, including the young generation. With loyalty and high sense of nationalism, awareness and a comprehensive understanding of the appropriate marketing strategie implementation, and collaboration of all stakeholders to actively promote Indonesian tourism, the triumph of Indonesia’s tourism business is not a dream anymore.


Source: GRAND STORY Magazine

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Visiting Bukittinggi City in West Sumatra Province, Indonesia

What do tourists know about Bukittinggi City? Well, most of them recognize it as the capital of West Sumatra Province belongs to Indonesia. Some of them are even aware of its tourism potential, so they keep coming to the region over time, especially during long holidays. Not only it becomes the governmental center of West Sumatra, the city was once the capital of West Sumatra and Sumatra Province! Moreover, in the past, it was called Fort de Kock and known as the birthplace of a famous person named Mohammad Hatta (the first vice president of Indonesia).  Visiting Bukittinggi, tourist might have known the magnificent Ngarai Sianok Canyon. For you who loves adventure destination, for sure is the best one.

The Nuance in Bukittinggi

In terms of nuance, Bukittinggi City is not quite different than others. One thing, it resides in the formation of Barisan Hill and surrounded by two volcanoes called Marapi and Singgalang. The city resides on about 900 meters above the sea level, actually. This explains why it features refreshing atmosphere and cool ambiance. When it comes to size, it is about 25.24 km per square and most parts of the city have been used as cultural lands and the rest of them (protected forests) remain untouched. It even has an iconic landmark called Jam Gadang (Gadang Grand Clock), which also becomes one of the best tourist attractions of the city.

Exploring Bukittinggi City

The region is located in a highland and it is surrounded by hills and volcanoes too. Due to such fact, tourists can take advantage of the landscape and conduct trekking! Well, it doesn’t have to be natural tourism though. It is because visitors can also explore several local markets like Aur Kuning, Pasar Bawah, and Pasar Ateh. Various types of products are sold there, so make sure to carry enough cash to buy souvenirs and delicious foods.

When it comes to the most famous tourist site, Bukitttinggi has Gadang Grand Clock which also becomes the icon or landmark of the city. Thus, tourists should never miss the chance to visit it and take some pictures of such grandiose clock. What is more? The city even has an interesting history for tourists to learn. During the reign of the Dutch and Japanese, the city acted as an important base back then. Not to mention a big war occurred here called Padri War!

Due to the increase in the number of tourists who come to Indonesia, exactly Bukittinggi City, the local government decides to improve its facilities and services. Thus, now, people can find numerous hotels and tourist facilities that scatter in different parts of the city. This fame also helps the locals to get more money from the tourism industry, in fact.

Nearby Attractions

•   Lobang Jepang
•   Tuanku Imam Bonjol Monument
•   Sianok Canyon
•   Janjang Koto Gadang
•   Janjang 40
•   Bung Hatta Monument

How to Get There

Those who come from Padang City should spend a trip for about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Bukittinggi City in Indonesia. It is because the distance is 95.7 km. The good thing is that the city is quite accessible regardless of where tourists come from. As for the faster route, it is Lintas Barat Sumatera Street.


For more details: 


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Komodotop Tours and Travel, Your Best Travel Partner

Labuan Bajo Indonesia are the gateway to glimpse the wonderful East Nusa Tenggara. It allow you to see the extremely beautiful and memorable Komodo, Flores and beyond. Komodo Top Tours and Travel is one of the best recommended company based in Labuan Bajo, West Flores in Indonesia. Your best partner who assist and helps you to discover the magnificent Flores and Komodo.

Managed by Komodotop Tours and Travel Team Work, is one of the local tour operator in Flores Island. Since 2010, we have taken role in managing tours in the island. Not only focus on business affairs, we always see tourism as the way to encourage the local community’s welfare. Komodo Top Tours and Travel have done many experience and improvisation in the many matters. The staffs are highly motivated will make sure you have the best trip. Handled by PT. Rafael Todowela has a duty to improve and develop the tourism in Indonesia in generally and East Nusa Tenggara province in particularly.

Komodo Tours and Travel, particularly serve domestic and overseas visitors who come to Bali and Flores Island. We serve both culture and nature, Flores overland tours, countryside tours, hiking, climbing the mountain, snorkeling, boat trip to 17 islands of Flores island, and crossing the Komodo blue tropical island to see the giant lizard in the world “Varanus Komodoensis”. We also serve online ticketing reservation system of air craft. In the running this company, we have responsibility to contribute the local government tax to develop the West Manggarai Regency of East Nusa Tenggara province, and to assign the local people to improve the quality of life, and working with multinational sectors. In the running this company we had also helping to improve the economic of the local people trough buying their handicraft, local sarong etc. On addition Komodo Tours and Travel has bring many positive impact to the community, company, and locals economic. In the running this company we always focus on quality of service, safety, reasonable price and we serve the visitors as our family. We still open minded to get your input to be more excellent in our service in the future.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns;

Komodotop Tours and Travel

Address : Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Labuan Bajo of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia
Phone : +62 812 393 466 27 / +62 822 369 434 61
Email :
Website :
Facebook : Komodotopcom

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Komodo Eco Tour Indonesia

Best & Affordable Komodo Tour Package. Choose Your Komodo Adventure Here! Welcome to Komodo Eco Tour Indonesia!


KOMODO ECO TOUR INDONESIA is a legal tour operator under company PT. BORNEO HIJAU PERSADA was established in 2003 and partner for Orion Cruise from Australia since 2011-2015. The best tour operator in Indonesia, with a large network of travel agents working together to provide you with the best travel experiences on the planet.


KOMODO ECO TOUR INDONESIA welcome you to visit Komodo Island of West Florest one of big lizard are found in this island , and will handle you with professional and best service. Our guide teams are known well the area and has been experiences many years working as tour guide through the island of Komodo and surrounding. Our packages are designed with carefully and must care with wildlife and environment also we can make tailor made the packages base on your request.


KOMODO ECO TOUR INDONESIA is offer the tour as your request in the itinerary and enable you chose another tour around Indonesia. Experienced as tour field guide, responsible, humorist and more talented and knowledge some primates, good personal and ability in english speaking.


KOMODO ECO TOUR INDONESIA  has combination tour with Orangutan Travel in Borneo. We will welcome your request both our packages, and we also can arrange your flight from bajo and to Borneo all over indonesia

For further information, please feel free to contact us.  


Head office : Jl. Kawitan 1 RT 17 Sidorejo.Pangkalan Bun,Kalimantan Tengah

Branch office  : Jln Wae Mata Gg. Anggrek Komodo-Flores- NTT

Email : info@

Website :

Telp : + 62 (0)532 24286

Mobile Whatshap : 0852 4930 9250

Link web :


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Danau Dendam Tak Sudah

Danau Dendam Tak Sudah (DDTS), can be translate with Never Ending Revenge lake is one of famous destinations in Bengkulu. This lake is settle in Dusun Besar village, Singaran Pati sub-district, Bengkulu and has an area of 557 and 67 hectare wide. The lake thought to have formed from volcanic activity in the area.

By located in the strategic importance, in 1936 this lake was established as a nature reserve with an area of 11.5 hectares by the Dutch government. Then, in 1979, this nature reserve area has been expanded to 430 hectares.

In 1999 this nature reserve area was expanded to 577 hectares. As to the somewhat sinister name, there are two versions to the story. The first one tells the legend of a young couple whose love was not blessed by both their parents. The pair of lovers was then said to succumb to depression and eventually took their own life by plunging into the lake. Taking their grudge to the afterlife, their action would later give the lake its legendary name. The second version is believed to have occurred during the Dutch Colonial period. It is said that during that particular time, the Dutch Colonial Government decided to build a dam in the lake to prevent water from flooding, and then build roads along the lake. Somehow, the project was never completed, thus the name “Unfinished Dam” was widely used. From the “Unfinished Dam” or “Dam tak Sudah” over time this would evolve into “Dendam Tak Sudah”.

In the morning, the visitors can enjoy the sunrise and the beautiful scenery of the lake surface that is reddish in the light of the sun. We can also do fishing and travel across the lake with raft or boat. Since the lake is surrounded by hills and lush forests, then we can get the very fresh cool air, with beauty of the vast nature reserve enivironment. ”Dendam Tak Sudah”Lake is no less beautiful and exotic to Toba lake in North Sumatra and Maninjau lake in West Sumatra. Dendam Lake is about 6 km from the center of the city of Bengkulu.

The access to the site would not be difficult, for there are many public transportation to the area or if you bring your own vehicle,the distance from Bengkulu is juat about 30 minutes’ drive away. To get to Danau Dendam Tak Sudah, you can take public minibuses or buses with the route Bengkulu-Danau Dendam tak Sudah. Situated only 6 Km from Bengkulu city, the trip will only takes roughly around 30 minutes’ drive through smoothly asphalted roads.

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