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Garut is one of regencies in West Java, with the capital is of Garut city. This regency is bordered to the north of Sumedang, Tasikmalaya District in the east, the Indonesian Ocean in the south, as well as Cianjur and Bandung Regency in the west.

The early history about Garut is began when regent Adiwijaya (1813-1831) configurate a committee to survey the location of the new district capital. The options eventually felt into a place that surrounded by mountains and has a spring that flows into Ci Manuk. When found the venue, a committee was kakarut or scratched by the thickets. Dutch people who joined the survey could not be pronounced the word Kekarut then they said gagarut.

Most of Garut area is mountainous, except in parts of south beach which is plains and narrow. In Garut there are mountain: the Papandayan (2262 m) and Guntur Mountain (2249 m), both located on the bordered with the Bandung District, and Mount Cikuray (2821 m) in the southern town of Garut.

Garut district is geographically near to the city of Bandung as the capital of West Java province, is a buffer zone and the hinterland for the development of Greater Bandung area. Therefore, Garut Regency has a strategic position in supplying the needs of citizens of the City and County of Bandung, whose role in controlling the balance.

Because it considered as a rural area, Garut is a potential destination to be visited for its has natural sightseeing and some exotic tourism objects like the mountains, Cikandak and Cimanuk rafting, Cipanas area, Ngamplan area, Cangkuang temple, Orok waterfall, Citiis waterfall, Cihangawar waterfall, Neglasari waterfall, Rancabuaya beach, Papandayan crater, Kamojang crater, Sayang Heulang beach, Ciburuay site, Adat dukuh village and many many more.

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