The Delicate Movements of Tari Kipas, South Sulawesi

Tari Kipas

Tari Kipas or Fan dance is a dance that originating from Gowa society, South Sulawesi. Some people recognize this dance as Kipas Pakarena dance that means Playing. This traditional dance was attach since the existence of Gowa Kindom at ancient time.

It said that Kipas Pakarena is telling about the farewell of Boting Langi people (heaven) and Lino people (earth). The movements in this dance is characterize the delicate Gowa Women who faithful, behave, obey and respect to husband. This dance is consist of 12 parts in every movements, which is not easy to differentiate. East move in this dance is having different meaning, like sitting, spining, flattering and so on.

Kipas Pakarena has unique rule, where the dancers are not allowed to open their eyes very wide, while the movement of the legs should not be raised too high. This dance is usually lasts for about two hours, so the dancers are required to have excellent physical condition to perform this dance.

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