Tambrauw Regency


Tambrauw is one of regencies in West Papua, and the principal town is located in Fef. Tambrauw regency was formed from some of the former regency of Sorong and Manokwari regency.

According to Indonesia constitution 2008 number 58 it said that Tambrauw regency is bounded with Pacific Ocean in north, North Aifat, Mare and Sawiat in south, Sayosa and Moraid in west, Amberbaken and Senopi in East.

While, since January 2009, Tambrauw regency has bounded with Pacific Ocean in north, South Sorong regency in south, Sorong regency in west, Sidey district and Manokwari regency in east.

Based on the landscape and nature sighseeing, Tambrauw regency is having some potential tourisms especially on marine tourism. There are islands and beaches that ready to be explored.


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