Take a Peek at the Beauty of Natuna Islands

Natuna Island is the outermost islands in the northern tip of Indonesia which faces directly the South China Sea. Natuna island included in Riau islands province which has administrative in Ranai city. ‘Natuna’ itself derived from Dutch language, ‘Natunae’ which means natural. So don’t be surprised if Natuna has a cluster of beautiful natural scenery.

The ocean-bound natuna comprises small islands such as Bunguran, Jemasa, Serasan, Midai, Star, Sedanu, and Laut. With this geographical location that makes Natuna island a great host of tourist attractions that will satisfy the adventure and pamper your eyes to enjoy it immediately. What is Natuna island like? Find out below.

  • Alif Stone Park

An icon of Natuna city, located not far from Ranai city. To take Alif Stone Park, you only need 15 minutes from Ranai city to Sepempang village. Alif Stone Park has a beautiful view which is a large cluster of granite scattered along the beach. The name Alif itself comes from a stone that stands in the middle of the sea that resembles the letters hijaiyah alif.

  • Senoa Island

The outermost island of Indonesia bordering of East Malaysia. Senoa island is located in Bunguran Timur, exactly across from Sepempang village. This old legend of Senoa island means a pregnant woman, so it is not surprising that shape of the island is very unique because it resembles a pregnant woman. The natural scenery on Senoa island is very amazing, here you can snorkel while enjoying the crystal clear water on Senoa island and its beautiful coral reefs.

  • Tanjung Beach

Located in the eastern of Bunguran precisely in Tanjung village. You only need to drive for 20 minutes and you will be welcomed by a beautiful white sandy beach. No less interesting, in this Tanjung beach you can also see clearly visible Ranai Mountain scenery. This beach is very suitable for you who want to relax. With the cool breeze that can certainly make you feel at home for a long time.

  • Cemaga Beach

Natuna is endless creating beautiful natural scenes, such as Cemaga Beach, located in Bunguran. An hour’s drive from Ranai city to Cemaga beach inspires you to explore its beauty. For those of you who like to swim, Cemaga beach is perfect for you to enjoy. A shady beach with a long and sloping coastline accompanied by crystal clear water will make you satisfied to explore it.

  • Sisi Beach

Another natural beauty of Natuna is Sisi Beach. The beach is located in Serasan district is able to amaze anyone who sees it because of its authenticity and beauty. The travel time needed to Sisi beach is also quite long, which is about 10-12 hours by sea trip. After arriving at Sisi beach you will soon be spoiled with a stretch of white sandy beach.

  • Natuna Great Mosque

Commonly called Masjid Agung Natuna is the pride of Natuna mosque. It was built in 2007 is located in the center of Natuna Island, Ranai City. The design and architecture of the mosque which is rich in Islamic philosophical values is said to be the grandest mosque in Riau Islands. Uniquely, the Natuna Great Mosque is also touted as the Indonesian Taj Mahal.

That’s some of the beauty of Natuna Island, a beautiful island has nickname the pearl from the northern tip of Indonesia that you must visit. Behind its location, Natuna Island holds a lot of tourism potential and natural beauty that not to be missed.

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