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Tagalaya Island, North Maluku

In Tobelo, North Maluku, there is a beautiful island which totally promoted by the government; Tagalaya island. The island of Tagalaya is giving cleaning water as glass and natural view like paintings. The beauty of Eastern Indonesia is never get … Continue reading

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The Exotique Amboina

Ambon Maluku is one of the oldest provinces in Indonesia’s history. Maluku name itself is taken from the word al-Mulk, which means Land of the Kings. Maluku Islands, known for its abundant natural wealth, especially spices, which was then targeted … Continue reading

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Ambon Manise, The Sweetest Province

Maluku Maluku or Moluccas is one of Indonesia Provinces, that lay on Maluku Islands. The main city and the capital city is Ambon. Maluku is culturally and geographically associated with Melanesian. In 1999, Maluku was divided into North Maluku Province. … Continue reading

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