Serampang Dua Belas Dance

Serampang 12

Serampang 12 (Dua Belas) is one of traditional Malay dances from North sumatera. This dance is performed in pair, which symbolized the match maker founding mate. This dance was created by a person name Sauti in 1940s and it was rearrange during 1950-1960. Before it known as Serampang 12, this dance was popular as Pulau Sari Dance, which based on the theme song that accompany the dance.

There were controversy about the changing name from Pulau Sari to Serampang 12 dance. One said that a type of dancing that use the title of “Pulau” is must be in term of slow moving motion dance, while, this dance is having fast tempo in each moves. Hence, it appropriately use title of “Serampang”, for it identify the fast moving dance. While, 12 (dua belas, Bahasa) is indicating that this dance is the fastest dance among other “Serampang” dances.

Moreover, the 12 (dua belas) is indicated as there are 12 steps included in this dance. At every move, is characterize the process of a man found the girl that he crushed for. The steps are about: the first sight, crush on, falling love, crazy in love, the sign of love, love in return, looking for the truth, persisting the feeling, give the answer, proposing, the bride meeting and the marriage.

Although, this dance is telling about the process of finding love, at early begin it was perform by a pair of men. This is happened because of the gender issue that came up among the society that forbidding women to dance and showing the body moves. Today, this dance is already performing moderately and played by a pair of man and woman.

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