Labuhan Keraton Ngayogyakarta

Labuhan Keraton or the Royal Offerings of Yogyakarta is usually performed on the 30th of Rajab, so it will probably be hold on Thursday, 27 April 2017, at 07.00 am at the “Pendhapa” (Javanese Mansion) of Kretek Subdistrict Office. The Ngayogyakarta Royal servants transfer the vessels of the offering-implement to the Bantul Government. Then the offering-implement is delivered to the “Pendhapa” of Parangkusumo, and given to the caretaker to be arranged in “ancak” (the vessel made of bamboo). After the prayer fort it in “cepuri” (a supporting resort of the gateway) of Parangkusumo, the ritual goes on with the burying of the Sultan’s goods such as the cut of hair or nail. It is conclude with floating the “ancak” away to the sea.

Upacara Labuhan Keraton Ngayogykarta biasanya dilaksanakan pada tanggal 30 Rejeb dimana pada tahin ini jatuh pada hari Kamis, taggal 27 April 2017. Ritual upacara dimulai pukul 07.00 di Pendapa Kecamatan Kretek yaitu dengan pasrah panampi (penyerahan sesaji) dari Parentah Ageng Kraton Ngayogyakarta kepada Bupati Bantul. Setelah itu uba rampe dibawa ke Pendapa Parangkusuma untuk diwilang (diperiksa) sebelum diserahkan kepada juru kunci di Parangkusuma, sekaligus didoakan. Acara ini berlangsung di Cepuri Parangkusuma. Setelah didoakan, salah satu uba rampe yang berisi lorodan ageman (pakaian bekas sultan),kenaka (potongan kuku), serta rikma (potongan rambu) selama setahun dikubur di sudut cepuri sambal menabur bunga dan membakar dupa. Sisa uba rampe berupa Sembilan kain dengan corak dan warna khusus, uang tindhih lima ratus, minyak koyoh, dupa serta layon sekar (sejumlah bunga yamg sudah layu dan kering, bekas sesajen pusaka keratin selama setahun), dan jajanan pasar yang ditempatkan pada 3 ancak dilabuh.

Upacara ini dapat dimaknai sebgai bentuk syukur kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa karena keselamatan yang telah diterima rakyat Ngayogyakarta. Juga untuk memohon kepada Tuhan YME agar Sultan, Keraton, Rakyat Yogyakarta diberi keselamatan, ketentraman, dan kesejahteraan hidup.

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Borneo Orangutan Tour In Tanjung Putting National Park, Pangkalan Bun

Orangutan Green Tours is one of Borneo tour agent who will help the visitors enjoy a trip to the forest and introduce the Borneo Orangutan to the visitors.

OrangutanGreenTours (OGT), specially dedicated traveling to the Orangutan and Unique wildlife, indigenous people, Community and Nature conservation based tours, Eco-tourism destination around Borneo and Indonesian parks. OrangutanGreentours will lead you to Borneo homeland which known as The third largest island after Greenland and New Guinea. Borneo was cover 746,309 sq km bigger than Texas and Oklahoma combined five time the area of England and Wales. is not itself a carrier or hotelier, not do we own aircraft, hotels, or coaches. The flights, coach journeys, other travel and hotel accommodation comprised in your tour are provided by reputable carries and hoteliers on their own conditions. It is important to note, therefore, that all bookings with are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by airlines, coach operators, hoteliers and other service providers, including but not limited to car hire, restaurant operators, whose service we utilize, some of which limit or exclude liability in respect of death, personal injury, delay and loss or damage to baggage.

For more info please contact:

Mr. Harry Roustaman
Jl. H. M. Idris 911A Kumai sea port / Kumaispeedboat station Kumai Hulu, Central Borneo, Indonesia?Phone: +62 532 61319?Fax: +62 532 61319?Mobile: +62 8125086105



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42 Tourism Events will be Presented at South Sumatra on 2017

As a testament to the commitment of South Sumatra Province (SumSel) through the Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) South Sumatra support the Ministry of Tourism to attract tourists, in 2017 will present series of programs that lure tourists.

“We hold many events in the next year (Read: 2017). There are 42 events and was still able to grow again, “said the Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism South Sumatra Province, Irene Camelyn Sinaga after launching Halal Travel and Calendar Event of South Sumatra, 2017, in the Atrium PIM, Friday (16/12).

From the dozens of events will be held, said Irene, including in South OKU there is natural cruising Serasan Seandanan, Festival Dempo in Pagaralam , Dusun Lame Festival in Lubuk Linggau, and Musi Triboatton in Palembang, Banyuasin, Muba, Mura, Empat Lawang, as well as various events more.

Irene also mentioned, South Sumatra ready to entertain local and foreign tourists through tourism event later. Therefore, the circuit on the calendar events 2017 will be promoted ranging from domestic to overseas.
For Halal tourism in South Sumatra, continued Irene, indeed so far has not identified how many there are. However, this Halal Tourism where from the industry, such as travel agents, attractions, malls, hotels, restaurants and other travel must be certified kosher.

“It’s actually many destinations of South Sumatra province for halal travel, but there are provinces that preceded it, such as Aceh. In the future, there are several hotels in Palembang are already willing to become halal tourism, ranging from houses of worship to the restaurant, “said Irene.

Meanwhile, Head of the Regional Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD) of South Sumatra province Yaniarsyah Hasan appreciated at the Department of Culture and Tourism both provincial and city. Because, through a limited budget can still perform launching halal tourism.

“In the calendar events in 2017, pretty much the circuit which will take place in South Sumatra. But later in 2018, we can create a calendar event that much more to involve the district or city in South Sumatra, “he added.

He also hoped, by dozens of tourism events later can bring in more tourists from outside South Sumatra. In addition, the presence of this events will welcome the holding of the Asian Games in 2018.

“So, after the Asian Games, Palembang will surely be known 45 Asian countries and other countries. Hopefully this launching can also be beneficial for the whole community in South Sumatra, “he concluded.

For more details;

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Merauke, A Beautiful City in the Eastern End of Indonesia

Known as the town at the east-most end of Indonesia. Merauke is the first town in Indonesia Archipelago that catches the first rays of the rising tropical sun. Officially, Merauke as the capital city of Papua province, Indonesia.

Merauke as one of the goals in Papua must be visited and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Found on February 12, 1902 by a Dutch citizen who tried to live among the indigenous population of Marind Anim and Sohores. The name Merauke itself is said to originate from an anecdote among Dutch settlers and indigenous. At that time, the settlers asked them for the name of the area.  Misunderstanding the question, the locals pointed to the Maro River –the main river that passes the town – and said “Maro Ke” meaning “that is the River Maro”.  Over time, “Maro Ke” evolved into Merauke and became established as the name of both the town and the regency.

Covering a total area of 45, 071 square meters, the Merauke Regency is also known as one of the largest regencies in eastern Indonesia. It borders directly the neighboring country of Papua New Guinea in the east, Boven Digul and Mappi Regencies in the North, the Asmat Regency in the West, and the open Arafura Sea  to its south. The regency consists of 20 districts, with the district town of Merauke being the most populated.

Merauke is also known as the staging point for hikers before venturing into the pristinely enchanting Wasur National Park, which is roughly only about 60 km away. For travelers, Merauke offers the most facilities such as banks, internet cafes, airline agents, restaurants, markets, and accommodation. A walk around the town is easy and will reveal some incredible insight into the past. Old graveyards and lots of classic churches highlight the town, while cruising down the Maro River one can observe the daily life of Papuan fishermen. A trip to the local market will be an eye opener, as you encounter various uncommon items.

 How To Get There

Garuda Indonesia,  Lion Air, and Sriwijaya Air serve daily flights to Merauke’s Mopah Airport from JayapuraMakassar, and Jakarta.  Every two weeks Pelni’s (Indonesia Sea Transportation Company) Tatamailau ship sails from Merauke to Agats and Sorong. The Kelimutu ship sails to Agats then sails through southern and Central Maluku, every four weeks.

Things To Do

Within and around the town of Merauke, there are a number of interesting sites worth visiting. For a start, the Sabang-Merauke Monument can confirm that you have indeed reached the east-most townIndonesia. As the name suggests, the monument is one of a pair of monuments, where the first stands in Sabang, Aceh Province, marking the  west-most  point of the Republic of Indonesia.

There is also the Pepera Monument which is the icon symbolizing the reunification of the Papua region into the Republic of Indonesia through a UN supervised referendum in 1969 known as Penentuan Pendapat Rakyat (Pepera) or the “Act of Free Choice”.

Aside from the Wasur National Park, the natural beauty of Merauke can also be found at the Lampu Satu Beach. The beach is located only 4 km away from the center of Merauke and features a picturesque lighthouse which sheds beautiful light streaks from sunset. This is most probably what has given the beach its name since Lampu Satu in Bahasa Indonesia means “Single Light”.  There is also the Natsai Beach which offers some beautiful panorama.

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Gurabunga Village, Tidore, North Maluku


Gurabunga village is one of tourism village in Tidore Island that interesting to be visited. The name of Gurabunga means flower garden. In fact, this place is being filled with flower that been planted in every corner of the people house.

This village has chilling nuance and refreshing air, because it located in 800 meter above sea level. The inhabitants houses are settled in a fertile area at the slope of Kie Matubu Mountain that has 1730 meter above sea level. Kie Matubu is famous in North Maluku as Tidore Mountain.

In addition to its nature beauty, the culture and religion diversity becomes make this village becomes more homy and deserved to be visited. At this village, there is traditional house named Folajikosabari that made from bamboo and floored by soil and rich in Islam culture. This house has 5 rooms that suitable to praying time and it has 2 knot in every bamboo, that symbolize the syahadat words.

That traditional house is belong to Sowohi and it already hundreds years old, and known as Rumah Puji. These Sowohi are famous as mediator between spirits of the ancestors and sultanate family.  Most of decision on everything are based to the speaking communication of the ancestors spirit.

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Purima Travel, Your Best Companion To Visit Orangutan in Borneo


Since 1994, they have spent most of their  life as field guides deep in the jungle and river of Borneo, with this years experiences also they are growing up in the fields as Wildlife and Culture tour guides, which know well about the adventure in Borneo and supported by their impressive and solid background of the team with depth and breadth of knowledge and experiences in the rain forest and animals, especially Orangutan. The teams are also have been voluntary for Orangutan for few years.

Their adventures tour packages are carefully designed with the big consideration of the safety and the impact to the environment we visit including building awareness of eco tourism. They also would like to help their clients to plan and designing personalized itineraries for visiting Orangutan, explore Dayak and entire Borneo destination, including Java and Flores

Surely, they are the expert of the best solutions for Indonesia Borneo destination. Just simply choose from Our Tour page for the suitable destinations and main interests and contact us for further questions, day to day itineraries and their reasonable prices also any information you need to know about the tours. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you just simply tell them what you would most like to do and see and they will prepare itineraries for you to consider. Making an individual offer is also possible to be done.


PT. Purima Wisata Nusantara

Head Office : Jl Soekarno hatta Kedon Mertoyudan Magelang
Branch Office : Jl. Iskandar 54 Pangkalan Bun – Central Kalimantan
Operational Office : Perum Pondok Permai Parangtritis C19, Yogyakarta
Phone : 62 274 4545677, 62 293 3281051
Mobile : 62 813 52 755 255, 62 821 3441 4656
Email :

Twitter :

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Belgica Fortress, Maluku

Benteng Belgica or Belgica Fort is a heritage fortress from Portuguese that been built in Bandaneira, Maluku Tengah. Bandaneira is a small town that also a heritage city from Portuguese and Duch colonization. This city became important city for Dutch and Portuguese since it produce some of important spices. Since Bandaneira was the center of trading, then the building of fortress is need to be built. This fortress was also play the role as a prison and the place for keeping the gun.

At early begin, Belgica was named as Benteng Nassau. But when the development of the fortress, the reign of Portuguese was replaced by the Dutch, the name was changed as Belgica. During the reign of Dutch colonization, this fortress was used as the military defence and vessel traffic monitoring trade.

In addition to the historical value, this place is also has stunning view. The building is standing through 400 years and still standing strong againts time. Belgica has other name as The Indonesian Pentagon, for the pentagon shape, similar to the American Pentagon.
By having typical Europe style, this fort has Bastion on the building. Bastion is a hole in the wall of the fortress, to place the cannon inside it. In fact, we can see the existence of the cannon at this place, a genuine cannon since Dutch era. Moreover, Belgica has open space that located in the middle of the fortress, and it was used as prison. There are tower in each side of the fort, and stairs to reach the peak of the tower. From this peak, we can see the Banda Islands with naked eyes.

We can see and visit this fort for free, but there will be donation box that you can give your charity for the development of this place. To reach this place is east, if you are coming from Ambon, we can use Pelni ship to Yos Sudarso seaport in Bandaneira. After arriving to the place, we can use publict transportation to the fortress, like taxi, Ojek or Angkot.
Indonesia Welcoming The World

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Pampering Yourself At Liang Beach, Ambon


Beaches in Ambon are known well for their beauty. The visitors are not as crown as those who come to pulau Bali or Lombok, but that makes beaches in Kota Ambon still in original and natural condition. One of the favorites is Hunimua Beach. Though the facilities are yet not complete. This beach is also known as Liang Beach for it’s located in Liang village, Salahutu sub-district, Central Maluku district, Maluku Province. UN has stated this beach as the most beautiful beach in Indonesia in 1990, and always been target by foreign investors.

You will be welcomed by white sands shone by sunlight as you enter this beach. It’s always tempting to swim or just play along. You can also capture the beauty in every corner of this beach. You can take a rest under some shady trees there. The water sport facilities are not yet complete here, but the beauty will make you staf here even longer to enjoy.

Liang beach is always crowded when holiday comes, so if you need some privacy then you need to avoid holiday time to come. Best time to visit is between September-November or April-May for the leather is not too windy and bit shady.
The beach is located 25 miles away from Ambon. You can use ojeg for IDR 50,000 to get to the beach. You can also rent public transportation with the charge IDR 200,000 which can carry up to 10 passengers.

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Takapala Waterfall, Gowa


Takapala Waterfall has 109 meters high with huge volume of water that pour out daily, and becomes bigger during rainy season. The outpouring of water that hit the big chunks of rocks in the bottom causing a roar and a splash of water that form a thin haze as far as 20 m.

Not far from Takapala there are also other waterfall names Ketemu Jodoh Waterfall; the name of Ketemu Jodoh means meeting a soulmate. The location of the waterfall is only separated by a road that leading to the village of Majannang, District Parigi. According to the people around the waterfall this waterfall believed to provide convenience for everyone who comes to bathe while intending to get a mate for marriage.

Takapala waterfall is located in the village of Bulutana, District Tinggimoncong, Gowa regency, South Sulawesi Province, it lies around 70 km from Makassar and it takes about 1 hour drive or 6 km from the town of Malino, the capital district of Tinggimoncong. The road to the waterfall is relatively good with a little winding up and down hills, just a few points encountered potholes. Along the way we will pampered by the pretty sight with one of the road side that indicating a bottomless.

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Saronde Island, Gorontalo

Saronde, Gorontalo Utara-4

Saronde is a small Island that located near to the Gulf Kwandang, North Gorontalo District. Although this tiny, the charm of the Island is internationally well-known. There are many foreign tourists that come to this Island during peak season.
Seronde Island is still very natural, clean, and away from air pollution. The nature is very soothing and ready to indulge you. Here, you can swim, surf, dive, snorkel or water ski as much as you want. Just do not hesitate yourself to jump and swim, because the water is fine and safe.

The beauty of this Island increases with the charm of the uniqueness of the community who inhabit this island. Their unique traditions that are often held in July has always been attracted many tourists to come to this place.

To access the island is very easy. The distance between Gorontalo and City Kwandang is only 50 km, and it can be reach by using ships and cars. Well, after arriving at the Port of Kwandang, you will continue the journey to this Island by sailing about 45 minutes. Log in to Saronde Island, you do not need to pay anything, just honor the nature and bring the joy at this Island.

Playing sand at this 1 km long will be so much fun. Just like having your own private island. Moreover, if you want to stay at this Island, better to bring your own tent and set it up. There are motel around the Island, you can choose what’s best for you, but enjoying the nature naked will be more exciting.

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