Kebumen Regency


Kebumen is a regency in Central Java province, the capital city is Kebumen city. Date back to the history, the name of Kebumen is derive from the name Kebumian, which means the place of Kyai Bumi after become the shelter place of Bumidirja prince or Mangkubumi prince from Mataram on June 26 1677 on the order of Sunan Amangkurat I.

Long before that period, this regency was noted in national historical map as a patriotic mainstream on the attack of Mataram soldier in the order of Sultan Agung against Dutch defense in Batavia. At that time, Kebumen was known as Panjer.

Kebumen has a total area of 128,111.50 ha or 1281.11 km ² with the condition of some areas are coastal and mountainous areas, but mostly are lowlands.

Because the lowlands condition, Kebumen has numbers of beaches that can be the options for holidays. Beside, Kebumen also has some caves that being formed naturally in times. Some tourism destinations in Kebumen are: Jatijejer cave; Jatijajar Cave is located at the foot of limestone mountains. The object is very interesting. This limestone mountain range stretching from north to south, with a tip that juts into the ocean in the form of a cape.

Goa Petruk; Located 7 km south of Goa Jatijajar. Petruk is derived from the name of the loyal followers of the Pandavas in the wayang story. This cave is very fascinating. Precipitation lime sounds is having particular rhyme and nice.

Ayah Beach ; Located 9 km from Goa Jatijajar. This sandy beach is very spacious and charming. Tourists can rent a boat, looking at the beautiful hills. Here you can watch an amazing sunset.

Beach Karangbolong; The nuances of beautiful hills and swaying coconut palms seemed soothing and peacefull. Karangbolong Beach has it, it is charming and marvelous. Beside, this Karangbolong beach is also have the beauty of coral with its bird’s nest.

Other tourism destinations are ; Petanahan beach, Padegolan rafting, Pasir beach, Tanjung Bata and Menganti beach, Krakal hotspring, Van Der Wijck fortress and many more.

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