Indonesia’s Other Best Surfer Spots

The waves in Indonesia ocean is mostly the great waves for the surfers in all over the world. Bali, for instance; this island is has Kuta and Uluwatu for the home of surfers paradise, for it has perfect waves for surfing. Moreover, those area is also having magnificent sightseeing over the beaches. Step aside Bali for awhile, how about other destination in Java territory that also having the same magical in waves? Here are the choices:

Sawarna, Banten
Let’s begin the journey from the west side of Java island, in Banten Province. Sawarna village, is famous for the coral reef beaches, caves, white sand and for sure, the great waves over the Ciantir beach. The surfers from Japan, Australia and Korea is love to surf at this beach.
Ujung Genteng, West Java
Located in 110Km from Sukabumi, Ujung Genteng is precisely located in fornt of Hindia Ocean, which is indicating the wild great waves. The perfect timing to surf at Ujung genteng is in November and December.
Teleng Ria, East Java
Teleng Ria is having friendly waves for the newbie surfer. At this place is sometimes held a surfer training for children. Teleng Ria is only 5 minutes from down town of Pacitan, or about 3,5Km.
Plengkung, Jawa Timur
There are two surfer spots in Plengkung beach, Banyuwangi; The famous G-Land and Red Beach. Both are famous by being the surfer spot in worldwide as became the venue for surfer world competition. Many surfers from worldwide gathered here to ride the waves.

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