Damar Island

Damar Island

Damar Island is one of the outermost islands in Indonesia, it located in the Natuna Sea, or part of the South China Sea, which borders Malaysia. Damar Island is an area of Anambas Islands regency, Riau Islands province.

To reach Damar island, the trip can be started from Batam to Palmatak, which is the capital of Matak by using single plane, followed by renting a speedboat towards the capital Letung, the capital of Jemaja districts. From Letung, we can continue using a medium-sized motor boat to Damar island and it takes about 4 hours.

The island is shaped like a large rock with a steep roof. This condition makes the waters around the island has a depth of 6 meters and for the more distant regions of the island has a depth of more than 15 meters. It has rugged coastline type with steep rock at the bottom.


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