Brebes Regency


Brebes is a regency in the northwestern part of Central Java province in Indonesia. The capital is Brebes. Brebes is best known for its shalot and Salted duck egg or Telur Asin, and gains the title of Kota Telur Asin in Indonesia (Salted egg City), salted egg sold aside Jalur Pantai Utara. Another popular cuisine is Sate Blengong and Peuyeum Ketan from Salem, one of 17 Sub-District in Brebes.

Brebes people are mostly using Javanese language in daily spoken, it usually called the Java Language Brebes. But there is also some residents who speak Brebes in Sundanese, and many place are named with the Sundanese language, which showed that this region is part of the Sunda region in the past.

Brebes capital is located in the northeastern district. Bradford City is near to the town of Tegal, so both cities can be said to “merge”. There are several story of origin which mention about the origin name of Brebes. The word comes from “bara” and “basah”. Bara means a very large land and basah means contains lot of water. Both are very suitable for the land condition in Brebes.Because the words are pronounced Bere, while basah in besah then to simply the pronounce it says Brebes.

Beside shallot, Brebes is also potentially for agriculture product like potato granules, red pepper and plantain, leek and cabbage. Growing plantations are: patchouli, sugarcane, cloves, cotton, cardamom, belinjo and robust coffee species. In fruit products are, mango, watermelon and rambutan.

There are also cattle for the supporting economic like, cattle (beef jabres local species), buffalo, sheep, rex rabbits, laying hens, chicken and ducks. In forestry sector there are potential commodity of teak, pine, mahogany and sonokeling that become more increased.

In Brebes, beside the culinary, also have some points of interest like Waduk Malahayu, Telaga Renjeng, Waduk Penjalin, Mount Sagara and Mount Kumbang, Kaligua agro-tourism, Telaga ranjeng natural preserve, Randusanga beach, Waru doyong waterfall and many more.

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