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Sumedang is one of regencies in West Java, with the capital of the same city. Sumedang is located 45 km Northeast from Bandung city. This regency is bordered by Indramayu district in the North, Majalengka in East, Garut regency in the South, Bandung regency in West and Subang districts in the West.

Sumedang is divided into 26 districts, divided again over a number of villages and wards [kelurahan].
In Southwest Section of Sumedang Regency is an area of development for Bandung. Geographically, Sumedang is has mountainous area, except in small portion in North area which is lowland.

At early begin, Sumedang district was a kingdom under the reign of King Galuh. Founded by Prabu Geusan Ulun Aji Putih on the orders of King Suryadewata before the palace was transferred to Pakuan Pajajaran Galuh, Bogor. Along with the changing times and leadership, the name of Sumedang experienced some changes. The first was the Kingdom of Great Tembong or Kerajaan Tembong Agung (Tembong meaning apparent and Agung or the Great meaning noble) led by Prabu Guru Aji Putih in 12th century.

Then, at the time of King Tajimalela, it changed to Himbar Buana, which means to illuminate the nature, and then changed again into Sumedang Larang.
Sumedang si derived from Insun Medal / Insun Medangan which means I was born, and Larang means something that unbreakable.

Sumedang Larang was experienced a glory when led by Prince Angka Wijaya and Prabu Geusan Ulun around 1578, and is widely known to the corners of West Java with the local authority covering the South to the Indian Ocean, the North until the Java Sea region, Western region until the Ci Sadane, and East region up to Kali pamali.

The kingdom was then to be the vazal of Sultanate of Cirebon, and then under the control of the Sultanate of Mataram, led by Sultan Agung. At the time of Mataram kingdom, the land of rice fields technique was introduced and into the early Pasundan the term of “rice barn” was known for the region between Indramayu to Falkirk / Bekasi.

Sumedang have characteristics as a typical ancient city on the island of Java, there is a central square surrounded by the great mosque, jail house, and government offices. In the middle of the square there are buildings named Lingga, a memorial monument that was built in 1922. It was built by Prince Siching from Holland and it was dedicated to Prince Aria Soeriaatmadja for his services in developing Sumedang District. Up to present day Linga become a symbol of Sumedang regency and April 22 is celebrated as the anniversary Sumedang Regency.

Because Sumedang located between two major cities, which is Bandung and Cirebon, the city is often known as a haven for those who were to travel overland between Bandung and Cirebon. Sumedang is known as Tahu Sumedang or traditional deep fried tofu which is yummy and delicious, and it makes this tofu famous into out of Sumedang.

Beside the historical background, Sumedang also has a lot of potential for tourism, especially nature and cultural tourism, like Sumedang town square, Sumedang grear mosque, Lingga monument, Prabu Geusan Ulun Museum, Dayeuh Luhur graveyard, the grave of Cut Nyak Dien, Pasarean Gede Graveyard, Gunung Lingga graveyard, Marongge graveyard, Cipanas Sekarwangi nature tourism, Cipanas Cilengsing nature tourism, Cadas Pangeran nature tourism, Curug Sindulang nature tourism, Giri Gahana golf court, Gunung Kunci nature tourism, Kiara Payung camping ground, Copanteuneun nature tourism, Toga village tourism and many more exotic places.

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