Calendar of Event 2019 has been Launched!

Welcome 2019!

Indonesia again presents 100 of the best tourist attractions by the Ministry of Tourism (Kementrian Pariwisata) in 2019. Everything is summarized in 100 Calendar of Events 2019. The launch was held at the Hall of Soesilo Soedarman, Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta.

Indonesia Tourism Minister Arief Yahya revealed, the Calendar of Events Wonderful 2019 was created at the initiative of the Indonesian President. The President wants Indonesia to have a quality and international standard event so that it can attract tourist visits.

So mark your calendar now. And get ready to plan a trip to enjoy exciting experiences involved in various cultural events throughout Indonesia.
Enjoy the best variety of events in Indonesia!!!

Schedule Calendar of Event 2019
5-19 Februari – Cap Go Meh, Kalimantan Barat.
14-18 Februari – Festival Pulau Penyengat, Kepulauan Riau(14 – 18)
20 Februari – Pesona Bau Nyale, Nusa Tenggara Barat
1 – 3 Maret – Java Jazz, DKI Jakarta
3 – 5 Maret – Festival Teluk Jailolo, Maluku Utara
7 Maret – Horas Samosir Fiesta, Sumatera Utara
24 – 31 Maret – Bali Spirit Festival, Bali
24 – 31 Maret – Exciting Banten on Seba Baduy, Banten
24 – 5 April- Bangka Culture Wave, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
29 – 31 Maret – Tour de Bintan, Kepulauan Riau
1 – 10 April – Festival Teluk Tomini, Sulawesi Tengah
11- 14 April – Majapahit Travel Fair, Jawa Timur
15 – 20 April – Krui World Surfing League, Lampung
20 – 21 April – Gebyar Pesona Budaya Garut, Jawa Barat
7 – 9 Mei – Bintan Triathlon, Kepulauan Riau
10 – 28 Mei – Pesona Khazanah Ramadhan, Nusa Tenggara Barat
18 – 24 Mei – Festival Budaya Isen Mulang, Kalimantan Tengah
19 Mei – Asia Afrika Festival, Jawa Barat
20 – 5 Juni – Festival Parade Pesona Kebangsaan, Nusa Tenggara Timur
15 – 13 Juli- Pesta Kesenian Bali, Bali
16Juni – Jakarnaval, DKI Jakarta
16 – 23 Juni – Festival Sriwijaya XXVIII 2019, Sumatera Selatan
17 – 19 Juni – Yadnya Kasada Bromo, Jawa Timur
28 -30 Juni – Festival Bakar Tongkang, Riau
1 – 6 Juli – Festival Biak Munara Wampasi, Papua
5 – 8 Juli – Toraja International Festival, Sulawesi Selatan
5 -13 Juli – Festival Parade 1001 Kuda Sandelwood dan Tenun Ikat, Nusa Tenggara Timur
17 Juli – Ziarah Kubro, Sumatera Selatan
17 Juli – Festival Babukung, Kalimantan Tengah
18 – 22 Juli – Festival Bumi Rafflesia, Bengkulu
20 Juli – Mizan Al Sufi, Jawa Barat
20 Juli – Tanah Lot Arts Festival, Bali
25 – 28 Juli – Toboali City on Fire Sesi 4, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
25 – 25 Agustus- ARTJOG, D.I Yogyakarta
26 – 28 Juli – Solo Batik Carnival, Jawa Tengah
26 – 29 Juli – Festival Pesona Bunaken, Sulawesi Utara
27 – 3 Agustus- Festival Cisadane, Banten
28 Juli – Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival, Jawa Timur
30 – 3 Agustus -Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC), Jawa Timur
1 – 6 Agustus – Polewali Mandar International Folk & Art Festival, Sulawesi Barat
2 – 4 Agustus – Dieng Culture Festival, Jawa Tengah
2 – 6 Agustus – Buleleng Festival, Bali
3 – 4 Agustus – Festival Cheng Ho, Jawa Tengah
4 – 5 Agustus – Festival Morotai, Maluku Utara
4 – 6 Agustus – Aceh Culinary Festival, Aceh
7 – 10 Agustus – Festival Budaya Lembah Baliem, Papua
7 – 12 Agustus – Tomohon International Flower Festival, Sulawesi Utara
8 – 8 September – Jakarta Food & Fashion Festival, DKI Jakarta
9 – 11 Agustus – Pasa Harau Art & Culture Festival 2019, Sumatera Barat
11 – 17 Agustus – Festival Sandeq Race 2019, Sulawesi Barat
18 Agustus – Saman Gayo Alas Festival, Aceh
18 Agustus – Karnaval Kemerdekaan/Grand Karnaval Indonesia, DKI Jakarta
18 – 20 Agustus – Festival Teluk Ambon, Maluku
21 – 25 Agustus – Lampung Krakatau Festival, Lampung
21 – 25 Agustus – Sanur Village Festival, Bali
23 – 25 Agustus – Festival Budaya Wisata Pasar Terapung, Kalimantan Selatan
1 – 10 September – Festival Tabut, Bengkulu
4 – 8 September – F8 Makassar 2019, Sulawesi Selatan
5 – 7 September – Solo International Performing Art, Jawa Tengah
5 – 10 September – Festival Bahari Kepri, Kepulauan Riau
6 – 8 September – Festival Wisata Loksado, Kalimantan Selatan
9 – 16 September – Festival Payung Indonesia, Jawa Tengah
9 – 16 September – Festival Moyo, Nusa Tenggara Barat
12 – 15 September – Festival Pinisi, Sulawesi Selatan
13 – 15 September – Tour de Linggar Jati, Jawa Barat
15 September – Malang Flower Carnival, Jawa Timur
15 September – Ciletuh Geopark Festival, Jawa Barat
17 – 21 September – Tour de Siak, Riau
21 – 22 September – Jogja International Street Performance, D.I. Yogyakarta
21 – 25 September – Festival Pesona Danau Limboto, Gorontalo
21 – 29 September – Erau Adat Kutai & 7th International Folk Art Festival, Kalimantan Timur
22 – 25 September – Festival Batanghari, Jambi
23 – 26 September – Tour de Ijen, Jawa Timur
27 – 29 September – Festival Tanjung Lesung, Banten
27 – 27 Oktober – Wonderful Indonesia Culinary and Shopping Festival, DKI Jakarta
28 – 29 September – Musik Alam 2019, Kalimantan Utara
1 – 6 Oktober – Festival Likurai Timor, Nusa Tenggara Timur 
6 Oktober – Festival Karnaval Karawo, Gorontalo
6 – 7 Oktober – Aceh International Diving Festival, Aceh 
6 – 10 Oktober – Festival Pesona Selat Lembeh, Sulawesi Utara 
7 – 11 Oktober – Festival Seni Budaya Papua Barat, Papua Barat 
12 – 17 Oktober – Festival Keraton Kesultanan Buton, Sulawesi Tenggara 
15 – 19 Oktober – Festival Danau Poso, Sulawesi Tengah 
18 – 21 Oktober – Festival Pesona Bahari Raja Ampat, Papua
19 – 21 Oktober – IronMan 70.3 Bintan , Kepulauan Riau 
19 – 25 Oktober – Jakarta Fashion Week, DKI Jakarta 
20 Oktober – Gandrung Sewu, Jawa Timur 
23 – 25 Oktober – Festival Danau Sentarum, Kalimantan Barat 
23 – 27 Oktober – Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Bali 
23 – 28 Oktober – Festival Takabonerate, Sulawesi Selatan 
25 – 27 Oktober – Pesona Nusa Dua Fiesta 2019, Bali
27 Oktober – Jakarta Marathon, DKI Jakarta 
27 – 29 Oktober – Festival Pulo Dua, Sulawesi Tengah
1 – 3 November – Festival Mahakam, Kalimantan Timur 
2 – 10 November – Tour de Singkarak, Sumatera Barat
3 – 7 November – Festival Kerinci 2019, Jambi 
10 – 15 November – Festival Bekudo Bono, Riau 
11 – 13 November – Wakatobi Wave 2019, Sulawesi Tenggara 
11 – 14 November – Pesta Rakyat Banda, Maluku 
15 – 19 November – Festival Tanjung Kelayang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung 
16 – 17 November – Jogja International Heritage Walk, D.I. Yogyakarta 
16 – 20 November – Festival Ya’ahowu, Sumatera Utara 
17 November – Borobudur Marathon, Jawa Tengah
1 – 31 Desember – Iraw Tengkayu, Kalimantan Utara 
4 – 7 Desember – Festival Pesona Budaya Minangkabau, Sumatera Barat 
7 – 8 Desember – Batam International Culture Carnival, Kepulauan Riau 
9 – 12 Desember – Festival Danau Toba, Sumatera Utara
13 – 16 Desember – Pemuteran Bay Festival, Bali 
28 Desember – Festival Budaya Cirebon, Jawa Barat

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Hidden Paradise in Madura!


The natural beauty owned Indonesia is feasible to explore deeper. As well as the pearl tucked away in the east of Java Island, precisely in the eastern area of Madura Island. You can find Mamburit Island with the stunning charm both above and below the sea surface.

This hidden paradise, Mamburit Island is located in Sumenep, Madura Island of East Java Province. The island is also part of Kangean Island region. Although the access to reach to Mamburit Island not so easy, but when you are arrive in Mamburit Island you will be presented with the awesome scenery.

For local tourist, the beauty of this island has not been widely recognized, but not for the international traveler, the island was known as a hidden paradise and become one of the holiday destinations in the Indonesian archipelago. 

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Explore Kakek Bodo Waterfall!

Come and explore the waterfall in Pasuruan, such as Kakek Bodo Waterfall. Located in Prigen, Pasuruan regency of East Java. You can reach it by private vehicle. The entry fee for motor is Rp. 5000, – The road to the parking lot slightly uphill ride, special caution should achieve it. Entrance fee you pay to enter the attraction Kakek Bodo Waterfall is Rp. 10,000, – per person. Prepare your physical, because as usual, to be able to reach right where Kakek Bodo Waterfall, you need to walk approximately 1 mile in advance. Seldom has a waterfall attraction right on the edge of the road, usually it must be taken in advance on foot to reach it.

Bonus you can get during the way to the waterfall, but healthy of course, is the presence of the monkeys that will raise themselves from behind the bushes and grove of trees. If you want to, can also bring food to them like a banana or a peanut skin, guaranteed to feel the wonderful sensation, eating monkeys member directly. Foot of the mountain scenery is beautiful also an extra bonus for you.

There is a row of food vendors along the road to the waterfall. And as a sign that you’re close to the location of Kakek Bodo Waterfall, then the road will be seen next to the Tomb of Kakek Bodo. That left 100 meters you’ll arrive at Kakek Bodo Waterfall. Its height is only about 50 meters, but the discharge of water large enough, so that the roar of the waterfall is quite loud sounds.

The roots of trees around Kakek Bodo Waterfall shore up the rocks that surround it. At the bottom, forming a pool with cold water that could be enough to make the body freezes. If you are strong enough to withstand the cold water, there’s no harm in trying to swim and bathe under a waterfall. Prepare also a change of clothes, because you might not come home in a state of the roads are still wet.

Not only that, you can also continue to enjoy an outing with the next attraction is the beauty of Mount Arjuna and Mount Welirang. Two sites are located to the west of Kakek Bodo Waterfall. One other alternative is to swim in the swimming pool located in the area of attraction Kakek Bodo Waterfall.

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Four Weekend Escapes By Just Driving In Surabaya

Surabaya is gaining popularity to become a hot spot for people to travel, hang out, or as a hub to explore East Java. The local vibe meets modern and urban lifestyle make the city really unique.

If you’re reside in Surabaya for a few short days, maybe spent time on Sunday, be it for leisure or travel, here are the things you can do in a short weekend by just driving. No need too much time!

House of Sampoerna

Located in “old Surabaya”, House of Sampoerna was being used as Sampoerna’s first major cigarette production facility. This Dutch colonial-style compound is still functioning until today as a production plant for Indonesia’s most prestigious cigarette‚ Dji Sam Soe. The central complex has been restored and is now open to public. The original central auditorium is now a museum and a shop. The east side has been transformed into a unique structure containing a café and an art gallery.

House of Sampoerna also provides Surabaya Heritage Track where you can have a tour around North Surabaya by bus. You can enjoy and get to know the buildings and history of Surabaya, learn the rich culture of the city, and obtain information about other interesting places to visit in Surabaya.

Taman Sampoerna No.6, Krembangan Utara, Pabean Cantian, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60163
Phone: (031) 3539000
Opening hours: 9 AM – 6 PM

Surabaya North Quay

Located on the second floor of Gapura Surya Harbor, here you can see international luxury cruise ships being docked while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea. The view is way more beautiful at noon, while the sun is setting down and the lights around the quay start turning. Definitely gives a really romantic atmosphere and perfect for a dinner date spot. Here, you can also watch live music, art attractions, local product exhibition, and local culinary shops.

Perak Utara, Pabean Cantian, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60165
Opening hours: 11 AM – 8 PM

Mangrove Forest

If you’re a fan of eco-friendly tour, this could be the best spot to spend your weekend in Surabaya. The 200 hectare area is part of Surabaya government’s attempt to reduce the abrasion in Surabaya East Coast. But, this place is also open for public, used as educational spot and travel spot. Not only enjoying the beauty of mangrove tress, here you can also see more than 30 animal species, such as long tail monkey.

Jalan Raya Wonorejo No.1, Wonorejo, Rungkut, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60296
Opening hours: 8 AM – 4 PM

Dancing Fountain

One of the recent popular sights in Surabaya is Dancing Fountain of Kenjeran Bridge. This colorful fountain was built to make the area around the bridge looks prettier so people interested to spend their time there. Dancing fountain is only available on Saturday for one hour, from 8 PM till 9 PM. After watching the dancing fountain, you can continue enjoying the sight of Surabaya city night life while eating the local food there.

Ready to go to Surabaya now?

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Banyuwangi to host Festivals Asian Games 2018

The region of Banyuwangi in East Java is set to host a number of festivals and events this coming weekend from July 21 to 22, reports

This is part of the 2018 Banyuwangi Festival, which is staging 77 events.

The festivals include the Traditional Games Festival, the Innovation Technology Festival, the Lalare Orchestra Concert and the Asian Games torch relay, which will see the torch being carried through Banyuwangi.

The Traditional Games Festival will be held on Saturday morning and spectators can witness thousands of children playing traditional games such as egrang bambu (bamboo stilt walking), gasing (spinning tops) and balap karung (sack races). A parade will start from Banyuwangi regional office to Blambangan Park.

On Saturday afternoon, the Innovation Technology Festival will commence at the Art and Culture Building (Gesibu) and will showcase a range of innovative technologies.

The Lalare Orchestra Concert will follow on Saturday night. Lalare Orchestra consists of more than 100 children from different schools that play local musical instruments such as drums, tambourines and angklung (bamboo musical instruments). They will perform traditional Indonesian songs such as “Kicir-kicir“, “Janger” and local Banyuwangi songs.

On Sunday, the Asian Games torch relay will take place, along with a number of art performances such as the Gandrung dance, the Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival and Barong art.


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Pangasan Beach on Pacitan, The One That You Don’t Want to Miss

Pacitan nowadays is getting better in their perform, especially in tourism sites. One of brand new tourism sites that getting popular is Pangasan Beach. At Pangasan, there are huge gigantic rock that flare up along the western part of the beach. The rock is also becomes the landmark from Pangasan beach.
Located in Kalipelus village, Kebonangung sub-district, Pangasan Beach is quite near from downtown Pacitan city. To reach Kalipelus village, we need half an hour by using private vehicles. Yet, the journey to reach the beach is quite struggling.

From Pacitan, if you are going to the beach, you can access via JLS or Jalur Lintas Selatan (South Cross Road). Actually there is a nearby street after passing the bridge of Jelok Kayen then turn right. But since the road condition is not so good, it is advisable to pass the Gayam flyover. Just before the flyover Gayam turn left in an uphill road, then make a sharp turn to the right up at the Market Gayam. From Market Gayam go straight and passing the flyover, and stick to the main road. The road is uphill and after meeting the village Klesem entrance gate there is intersection but choose the straight path (if turn left is the directions to Kaliuluh beach). Follow along the main hot mix asphalt road, to meet the intersection in the direction to the Kalipelus Village Hall (there is a monument in the middle of the intersection). From this T-junction turn left and shortly afterwards meet another intersection and take the left route.

Furthermore, we will pass through Elementary School in the right way, then Kalipelus Village Hall, after that the road began to decline. Take the main road until meet other T-junction, take a left. At other intersection take right route, until meeting other intersection, take left. You are arive at the inhabitant village, and you better park your vehicles here and take a walk through rice field and tropical forest and meet the Pangasan beach.

After reaching the beach, we can downing the path route to the west and heading to Lanang Mountain, which is the landmark of Pangasan Beach.

Gunung Lanang or Mt Lanang, is a small cape that look separate from the main land. If we can see from the east part of Gunung Lanang, then we will see the high soar up stone.

The west region coast by local residents is commonly called Pangasan Beach, with beach characteristic in the form of lining rocks. On the waterfront is an area of rice field that belongs to local residents who still part of Kalipelus village.

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10 Types of Traditional Indonesian Herbal Medicine and Its Benefits

Jamu is a typical Indonesian herbal beverage. Jamu usually consists of various types of herbs and spices.

Here 10 types of herbal medicine and its benefits :

1. Jamu Rice Kencur (Kaempferia galanga L.)

Jamu is believed to eliminate stiffness in the body. By getting the herbal drink, the body will be spared from the aches and pains that usually arises when the work is too hard. In addition, there are many who argue that this herb can stimulate the appetite, so appetite increases and the body becomes more healthy.

2. Turmeric Herbal Medicine Acid

Is one of the most popular types of herbal medicine, herbal medicine made from turmeric turmeric tamarind and tamarind. The efficacy of these herbs in them are lowered blood pressure, menstrual pain in women, as well as to overcome constipation.

3. Jamu Sinom
Sinom herbal medicine is similar to turmeric acid only or main ingredient is sinom young tamarind leaves. With the addition of materials normally ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and granulated sugar. Jamu helpful sinom to increase appetite, gastric inflammation and troubleshooting vaginal discharge in women.

4. Jamu Chili Lempuyang
Herbal medicine made from lempuyang lempuyang chili and chili Java. This herbal drink can get a range of nutrients such as overcoming tired and stiff, prevent colds, increase energy, reduce flatulence, etc.

5. Bitter Herbs
Of all types of traditional herbal medicine, herbal medicine is herbal bitter taste of the most difficult to enjoy. Understandably, made of bitter herbs and bitter Tinospora cordifolia. But the efficacy of such relieve pain, eliminate swelling, anti-inflammatory, and overcome arthritis made many people keep taking the bitter herbs.

6. Jamu Uyup-uyup

Uyup-uyup herbal medicine is herbal medicine used to increase milk production in nursing mothers. Only an herbalist who said that there are other benefits, namely to eliminate body odor which is less pleasant, both in the mother and child and the ‘cool’ belly.

7. Jamu Kudu Laos

According to most, the properties of herbal galangal kudu is to lower blood pressure. However, some are said to improve blood circulation, warm the body, making the stomach feel comfortable, increase appetite, launched menstruation, and refresh the body.

8. Jamu Galian Singset
Jamu singset excavation consists of kencur, curcuma, turmeric, tamarind, cinnamon, pepper, galangal, lemongrass, turmeric, cloves, cardamom, coriander, and some other traditional spices. Jamu singset excavation is believed to maintain the health of the female organs and body toning and “vagina”.

9. Temulawak

The manufacture of herbal medicine is of course ginger ginger with a few added extras such as tamarind, palm sugar, pandanus leaves and cumin. Ginger herbal medicine both for children and parents because it can cure complaints of dizziness, nausea, and relieve symptoms of colds.

10. Jamu Sugar Ginger

Artisan herbal sling usually always have a bottle of ginger sugar that serves to add sweetness to the other types of herbal medicine. But the content of ginger in this type of herbal medicine also has properties, ie treating coughs and maintain stamina.


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Ranu Klakah

There are three lakes around Klakah Subdistrict in Lumajang promoting different landscape on each. The sunrise sensation upon Mount Lemongan in 1668 meters above sea level has become a highlight here. Mount Lemongan is a maar volcano where its diameter lays between 150 to 700 meters. Some maar volcanos have lakes around them, for instance Ranu Klakah, Ranu Bedali and Ranu Pakis.

How  To Get There:

Located in Klakah Subdistrict, 20-25 km to the northern of Lumajang City with 40 minutes drive.

By Bus

  • Surabaya/Malang Station – Wonorejo Station – Klakah Station – Ranu Klakah
  • Jember/Banyuwangi Station – Wonorejo Station – Klakah Station – Ranu Klakah


Entrance fee

  • Car 10,000 IDR
  • Motorbike 5,000 IDR


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Interesting Tengger Tribe’s Culture in Java

Another charm of Bromo Tengger Semeru Mountain is the presence of local culture belonging to Tengger Tribe of Indonesia. This tribe has been living around Bromo for hundreds of years and considers the mountain as a sacred landscape. Those people live in a traditional way and have retained their culture for decades. As for tourists, visiting the community would provide them with a new experience and unique entertainment when visiting the mountain. Not to mention they have an opportunity to learn approach and learn about them during the vacation.

About Tengger Tribe
When it is about Tengger Tribe, tourists can learn first about the origin of the name. Many references are available regarding this issue, actually. First, the name has the meaning of a stand-up. It represents the character of the locals which is sturdy or resilient. The second meaning is related to mountains. It represents the place where those people live. Another meaning of the name of the tribe is the combination of two legendary people called Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger.

About Tengger Tribe’s Culture
The best thing tourists can learn about regarding Tengger Tribe is the culture. Here is the most recognizable one. These people conduct an annual ceremony called Yadnya Kasodo. Usually, they conduct the ceremony in a temple located on the top of Bromo Mountain. This tradition has been passed down for generations because they honor the mountain so much. In fact, they consider it as a holy place. These people will hike it during the full moon and carry some offerings which later they would give to Sang Hyang Widhi (the deity). The best thing is that tourists are allowed to either watch or join the ceremony.

As for tourists, the presence of Tengger Tribe becomes a significant reason to visit Bromo Mountain apart from the lush of nature. No wonder, they won’t miss the opportunity to visit nearby villagers and spend some time with the tribe. Have no worries. Those people are quite welcoming, so tourists would feel comfortable regardless of the difference of language and culture. As for the tip, it is better to hire a local who acts as both an interpreter and guide.

The next important thing about Tengger Tribe’s Culture is related to their daily activities. Those people are known for their high tolerance and hardworking, actually. They are aware of their responsibilities, especially farming. Next, it is about their adaptive characteristic. Just because they always retain their local traditions intact, doesn’t mean they are ignorant regarding the development of modern society. For instance, they are open to differences, especially when some foreigners or tourists come to their village.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ranu Regulo Lake
  • Sedaer River
  • B29 Peak

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Tengger Tribe lives in the highland or nearby sites around Bromo Mountain Indonesia. How can tourists meet them, actually? For those coming from Lumajang City, the destination is Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Indonesia. The distance is 83 km, so the trip would take about 3 hours. The simplest thing to do is to hire a tour agency as they are able to arrange the trip in a professional manner.


For more details:


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