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Lombok Waterfalls Trip (3D/ 2N)


Day 1 : Airport – Travel Sasak tribe – Hotel
Arriving in Lombok International Airport (BIL), we will pick you up according to schedule your arrival and we start and a trip to admire the beauty of Kuta Beach with its white sand shaped like grains of pepper and a breathtaking panorama, interspersed with a dish lunch in the local area as well as, you can also swim to refresh your body, then proceed to Tanjung Ann, which is located not far from Kuta Beach, Tanjung Ann Beach is very comfortable, even the size of a grain of sand beaches pepper, the guarantee you will enjoy when visiting the Tanjung Ann beach. Next we will visit the famous village of Sukarara through the creation of a typical woven Lombok, next trip we go to the village of Sade, which is unique to this village  its traditional house made ??of clay mixed with buffalo dung and people were still primitive in Lombok Island. The next traditional village we visited is Banyumulek village, the village is very famous with its pottery and you can try to make it with the help of a craftsman. You can also buy their work to take home as a souvenir that you’ve been to the village in Banyumulek. Once out of the village next you will be escorted to the hotel to check in and enjoy the facilities and ambience of the hotel. At night we shuttle back to enjoy dinner, and then back again to the hotel to take a rest.

Attractions visited : Kuta Beach and Tanjung Aan beach, Sukarara Village, Sade Village, Banyumulek Village

Day 2 : Hotel – Waterfalls Tourism – Hotel
After breakfast at the place you choose to stay, we will invite you down to walk away enjoying the natural beauty of the waterfall in Lombok, opening our tour,  we will watch the life of monkeys while feeding off a side street in Forest Tourism Baun Pusuk, then proceed to the customs house Sasak is located on the northern island of Lombok (Segenter Village),  the original home of the tribe Sasak, style, shape of the building is a model of the mountain, the people in the village were adherents of Islam waktu telu/ ortodhox, is a belief among the Hindus and Muslims of the middle Ages XVI – XVII. Then we get to the waterfall which is located at the foot of Mount Rinjani, Tiu Kelep waterfalls and Sendang Gile waterfalls. The falls are in Lombok believe the community can give you peace of mind and health, according to the Sasak tribe if you shower once then you will feel a year are getting younger, then you will be visiting mosques Bayan Beleq, relics of XIV century. Coming home from the waterfall tour, you will be served lunch at local restaurant. Before returning to the hotel. Then we’re continue our journey to the souvenir place, the typical of Lombok, such as: Pearl, Salted Egg, Honey Lombok, etc.. Having finished his shopping, you will we lead back to the hotel to take a rest.

Attractions visited : Baun Pusuk Forest Tour, Segenter Village, Sendang gile waterfalls, Tiu Kelep waterfalls , Bayan Beleq Mosque, The Souvenir

Day 3 : Hotel – city tour – airport
After  breakfast and have been preparing and luggage for check out in the hotel We will pick you up at the hotel where to stay, and immediately following the city tour and visit: Lingsar (a praying place between Hindus and Muslims are believe the Islamic belief waktu Telu). If you are lucky you can see the fish Moa (a kind of giant eel). From Lingsar tample, We are going to Narmada Park (The rest of the Kings in the first Hindu monarch) which can be found in the area of park and the fountain of youth, you can try to drink who has Hindu believed. After the Narmada Park, the tour will proceed to enjoy lunch at the local restaurant. Once you are satisfied you will be escorted to the Lombok International Airport (BIL) to travel back to your beloved home, and the event is over.

Attractions visited : Lingsar, Narmada Park, Restaurants Taliwang

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