Suoh Lake

In addition to the famous Danau Ranau, Lampung Barat still has one more potentially huge lake that becomes popular tourist destination, which is Suoh Lake. This lake is can reach by traveling through the sub-district of Batu Brak or Sekincau sub-district with a travel time of approximately 4 hours drive from the capital city of Liwa.

Lake Suoh offers safety adventure that will not be forgotten. The access to the site is quite challenging so it is adviseable for the traveler that want to reach the lake to use an appropriate vehicle such as an offroad car or motorcycle trail. In the area of Lake Suoh there are three lakes where the water can change color. Meanwhile, not far from the lake area a traveler can see an interesting natural phenomenon in the form of geothermal sources.

Suoh lake is situated in the hamlet of Kalibata, Sukamarga Village, District Suoh, about 250 kilometers from Bandar Lampung or 40 kilometers from the city of Liwa. To reach this place that settled on the high of 1,200 meters above sea level is can be reached via several Routes. The first route is taken from Tanggamus through the District of Wonosobo as far as 60 kilometers. Meanwhile, other route is taken through the Sekicau sub-District or Batu Brak.

The area of Suoh Lake is a "complex" consisting of four lakes, namely: Asam Lake, Minya Lake, Belibis Lake, and Lebar Lake. The names have reportedly taken from the conditions around the lake. For example, the name given to Asam (acid) lake is because the lake water tastes very sour. Approximately 300 meters to the south of the lake there is Minyak (oil) lake which the water surface looks like oil floating. Furthermore, Belibis (grouse) Lake is taken from the flock of grouse that often come to look for fish. The condition of Belibis Lake is not maintained and overgrown with high weeds around the lake. Meanwhile, Lebar (wide) Lake is not known for certain meaning or condition.

In addition to the lake, in the Suoh region there is also geothermal energy that is quite large and if it is managed well can be developed as a tourist attraction and a potential new energy sources in West Lampung. Its location is in under the mountain, surrounding the area between the forest and Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP). In this place there are dozens of pond-sized holes that emit bubbles like boiling water and when it reaches the surface will erupt sounds and smoke and it smelling like sulfur. By the local community those holes being named as Keramikan, Pasirkunig, Gunung Goyang, and it is protected and given a barrier with wood so does not trampled by visitors.

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