Betawi Culture Settlement in Situ Babakan, South Jakarta City

One of the best charms in Jakarta Special Region is its culture. As for reference, there is Situ Babakan, which is located in Jagakarsa Sub-district. It is the place to witness and learn some traditional cultures of Betawi. The locals manage it well, as the effort in retaining valuable Betawi Culture. Actually, Babakan is an artificial lake that resides in a local settlement. Tourists recognize it as either a recreational site or culture tourism. They also come to the location for fishing and sightseeing. Regardless of the reasons in visiting Situ Babakan, the place is worth an exploration!

The Nuance
 When it comes to the nuance, Betawi Culture Settlement looks simple and traditional. It is true most of the visitors are interested in the local life and its culture. However, some of them are also interested in spending a vacation in the lake. The atmosphere is peaceful and the villagers are friendly. Even foreign tourists can approach them without hassles. There are also several village gates or entry points, displaying the name of the location. Thus, tourists won’t get troubled to find it. On top of that, the condition is neat and clean!

Exploring Situ Babakan
The fact is the government has chosen Situ Babakan as the place to retain Betawi Culture. No wonder, visitors are able to enjoy various attractions and local foods there. First, they can observe the local’s life such as trading and farming. Some villagers may also show the guests regarding how to make Betawi’s signature snacks. Not to mention tourists have the chance to make new friends. The fact is the villagers also consist of newcomers, coming from Center Java, Kalimantan, and others. There are about 3,000 households there!

The best time to visit Situ Babakan is during the birthday of Jakarta Special Region, as many types of attractions are conducted at that time. These include drama shows, musical performances, dances, and much more. As an alternative, visitors can come anytime for a recreation. The reason is the village retains its serenity and shady atmosphere. The lush trees and a beautiful lake are definitely charming. That means such settlement is also suitable for a family outing and relaxing. The air is fresh and the weather is nice. Furthermore, the clean environment even makes it better.

Another lure in Situ Babakan is the culinary. Many signature foods of Betawi are available there, including Kerak Telor, Ketoprak, Laksa, Soto Betawi, Apem Cake, and much more! As for the beverage, there is famous Pletok Beer! Even though those foods and drinks are affordable, tourists should carry more money. It is likely they are going to try them all, so excess expenses are unavoidable. Also, they need the money to rent a boat later. They won’t miss the chance to explore the lake, after all.

Nearby Attractions

  • Spathodea Park
  • Bambon Fishing Site
  • Miring Park
  • Tabebuya Park

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Situ Babakan is located in Jagakarsa Sub-district and it belongs to South Jakarta City. For those coming from Soekarno-Hatta Airport, the distance would be 42.2 km. That means they need to spend about 55 minutes to reach the location. Also, the best route to take is Jakarta Outer Ring Road.

Where to Stay

  • House of Eva
  • RedDoorz
  • Amare’s Pavillion

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