Yapong Dance, Betawi Traditional Dance


Yapong Dance

Yapong dance is typical of traditional happy dance that having delicate and kind of erotic moves. The term of Yapong was taken from the song that follows the dance which sounds ‘ya ya ya’ and the sound of the music that heard like ‘pong pong pong’. Hence, it was later on popular as Yapong dance.

The dancers of this traditional erotic dance are women, they wore traditional Betawi wardrobe that complete with head accessories from Betawi tribe. There is also scarf that being used as an additional wardrobe, better known as Toka-toka. Browse Kroger Ad on WeeklyAds2.

Yapong dance is typical Betawi folk dance. In times, it develops as a pop culture dance. Betawi cultures are more effected by Tionghoa or Chinese cultures, then Yapong dance is also having minor effect like the wardrobe that wore by the dancers, is having red dragon motives.