Hotels In Central Java

Kresna Hotel Wonosobo

A four star hotel is a reincarnation of the Grand Hotel Dieng, that was established in 1917. Grand Hotel Dieng formerly run by a family from Netherland and as a stopover for Europeans especially dutch who will visit dieng plateu. in the dieng plateu besides its natural beauty can also be encountered any Hindu temples from the 7th century.

Jl. Pasukan Ronggolawe No.30 Wonosobo, Central Java 56311 Indonesia
Phone: +62 286 324111

Gumaya Tower Hotel Semarang

Towering above the heart of Semarang’s Central Business District, Gumaya Tower Hotel, the tallest building in Semarang, is luxurious five star business hotel built with a vision to provide five star service to the discerning guest. Set in the Central Business District, this modern, high-rise hotel is 1.4 kilometers from Semarang Poncol train station and 6 kilometers from Achmad Yani International Airport.

Jl. Gajah Mada No. 59 - 61, Kembangsari Semarang, Central Java 50134 Indonesia
Phone: +62 24 3551999

Amarelo Hotel Solo

Set in Surakarta's Central Business District, this casual, whitewashed hotel is 2.3 kilometers from Solo Balapan railway station and 1.3 kilometers from the National Press Monument. Amarelo Hotel Solo is a luxury Property Operating a 3 star with the best International standard. This hotel combines modern facilities in the charm of Indonesian hospitality. With 161.45 square meters, guests will enjoy a wide selection of wines (wines), spirits and kokktail in an atmosphere of art on the floor Sky Lounge which overlooks the city of Solo.

Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 89 - 103, Singosaren Surakarta, Central Java 57151 Indonesia
Phone: +62 271 669999

Amata Borobudur Resort

Get inspired by nature, blended with the uniqueness of Javanese traditional architecture in the center of the heritage. Discover other experience behind the Borobudur area and explore the richness of Javanese culture only in Amata Borobudur Resort. Guests can do activities to enjoy around the Amata Borobudur Resort, such as beautiful paddy fields and small rivers provide the backdrop for a variety of activities, from peaceful meditation to thrilling rafting trips.

Jl. Mendut - Sendangsono, Progowati, Mungkid Magelang, Central Java 56512 Indonesia
Phone: +62 877 05466702

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Baturaden Waterfall, Banyumas – Central Java

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Pekalongan – Central Java

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Nusa Kambangan, Indonesia’s The Most Feared Prison Island

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