Tambelan Archipelago

Tambelan Archipelago

Tambelan archipelago is a group of islands off the west coast of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. It lies in the north of the equator, but it is sometimes considered being separate part of the Natuna Islands, Riau Islands province. This archipelago consists of the other islands, like Badas islands. Larger islands include of Pulau Tambelan Besar, Pulau Mendarik, Pulau Uwi, Pulau Benua and Pulau Pejantan.

Tambelan islands is considered as the furthest islands in Indonesia. Instead of Riau archipelago, it closer to West Kalimantan. We can reach Tambelan islands for 6 hours drive from West Kalimantan or 28 hours from the downtown of Riau Islands province.

Tambelan Islands is one of the regencies in Bintan regency with a population of 4000 souls. Because of the distant and less maritime transport, it makes most of the inhabitants being migrated to Pontianak, Jakarta or Tanjungpinang.

As a marine area, this islands is popular with marine tourism destination and the beauty of the islands. Moreover, the location is near to Bintan or Batam, that always been one of popular destinations in Indonesia.


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