Riau Archipelago, The Home Of Diversity

Riau Archipelago

Riau islands is an archipelago that becomes part of Riau Islands Province, together with Tudjuh archipelago and Lingga islands. This Riau archipelago has bordered with Vietnam and Kamboja in North, Malaysia and West Kalimantan province in east, Bangka Belitung province and Jambi in south, Singapore, Malaysia and Riau Province in West.

The language of the Riau Islands is known as Riau Malay. The Riau Islands are considered the birthplace of the modern Malay language, though it was the classical Malaccan Malay of the Johor court rather than Riau Malay that formed the basis of the standard language. The Chinese population in Riau (predominantly Hakka, Teochew and Hokkien) speak various forms of Chinese. The most common dialect is Min Nan, which originated in the southern part of Fujian province in the south-eastern part of China.

Regarding the group of the islands that settled in this archipelago, the tourism destinations that potentially supporting are various.Each island has particular beauty that worth to be visited.


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