Plate Dance

Tari Piring

Tari Piring or Plate Dance is the art of dance held by the Minangkabau tribe in West Sumatra, originated in Solok Town. This dance reflects the life of traditional Minangkabau people at the time of working in the ricefield. The dance expresses happiness of the farmers as well as their gratitude to God for the very successful harvest.

Plate Dance is done in pairs or in groups with a variety of movements that are done quickly, dynamically and interspersed with plate knock sound carried by the dancers. The performer of Plate dance is always accompanied by the traditional instrument called Talempong and Saluang, while the movements are done quickly while holding the plate in the palm of their hand.

The dance has a motion that resembles the movement of farmers during cultivation, harvest and so create employment. The dance begins with the initial work in the field and proceeds to the final process until harvested rice. Sometimes these plates they throw into the air or they fling to the ground. At the final stage of the dance, the male and young lady dancers will trample the broken plates, without getting hurt. This fact should not interpreted as a magic work, as many people may think, but it religiously signals the acceptance of the dancer’s pray by God.

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