Pati Regency


Pati is regency and the capital of the same city in Central Java province. It bounded with Java ocean in north, Rembang regency in east, Blora regency and Grobogan south, Kudus regency and Jepara in west.

Most of the region in Pati is lowland. In southern part there is a series of North Limestone Mountains. In northwestern part is in the form of hills. The largest river is the River Juwana, which empties into the Juwana.

There are tourism destinations in Pati that interesting to be visit, like Gunung Rowo reservoir, Banyu Urip pool, Seloromo reservoir, Wareh cave, Tadah Hujan waterfall, Pancur cave, Santi waterfall, Coffee plantation and Jolong camping ground, Regaloh camping ground, Grenjangan sewu waterfall, Majapahit gate, and more.

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