Komodo Island Adventure Tours, Flores – East Nusa Tenggara


Komodo Island Adventure Tours, East Nusa Tenggara

Komodo National Park is also known for its marine life. It has white?sand beaches and spectacular snorkeling and dive site. Its dive site?is one of the best dive sites in the world. There are thousands of?species of fish and coralline. Sharks, dolphins and manta rays can be?found here. Swim with manta is unforgettable experience you ever had.?Sun bathing in the white sand beaches is a dream comes true. The blue?sky and the small islands which is the panorama along the way feel?like the paradise that you never imagine. Explore the heart of Komodo?National Park and you will realize and admire its beauty. Real?adventurer is those who jump over fences of selfishness and open his?eyes to the possibilities and differences.

Komodo Island Adventure tours managed by native Flores people,?composed of very experienced team; tour operator, guides, staffs and?drivers. This tour travel is located in Labuan Bajo – Flores and?experienced for about ten years. You will visit Flores around and the?famous Komodo Island. This tours will guide you through Komodo island?and Flores with its adventure tours packages, such as; overnight on?board at Flores, adventure to Komodo island and Rinca, Kelimutu tour?and many more.

For more info please contact:

Mr. Arman

Address: Kaper, Golo Bilas village, Komodo district – Flores

Email: wonderfulflores@gmail.com


Mobile: +62 81246471914 – +62 81337469012

Web: www.komodoislandadventure.com

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