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Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, and the first biggest city in Indonesia. Jakarta also the center of economic, cultural and politic. Moreover, Jakarta is the most populous city in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia and also 12-largest city in the world. As mentioned as Metropolitan city together with JABODETABEK [Jakarta, Bogor,Tangerang,Bekasi] it become the second largest in the world.

There is a very long history mentioned about Jakarta together with the journey independent Indonesia toward the colonialism. Jakarta in the past was named as various label, on 397-1527 was Sunda Kelapa, on 1527-1619 was Jayakarta, 1619-1942 was Batavia, on 1942-1972 was Djakarta, until present day it become Jakarta.

Jakarta is kind of Mestizo, or a cultural diversity among all over ethnic and culture that mixture into one big bowl. The ethnics that live in Jakarta are various like Javanese, Sundanese, Minang, Batak, Bugis. Also, there are some ethnic like, Arabic, Tionghoa, Portuguese and India.

The indigenous people of Jakarta is Betawi people, but nowadays Betawi is become more minor for there are many ethnic visitors who come to Jakarta. Most Betawi people are usually live on Banten or some part of West Java. Hence, the government make it one place to gather the Betawi people in Cultural Conservation in Situ Babakan.

As a capital city, Bahasa is the main language to be spoken in everyday life. But, there are some dialects that following Bahasa, like dialect Betawi, Sundanese and some dialect from other ethnic like Minang, Batak, Bugis and others. In addition, the Jakarta teenagers nowadays usually spoke in Bahasa Gaul or Slang words. It become more popular for them to mix the Indonesian language and English. Even more, there is a dictionary for slang word to be spoke by some group of people or teenagers.

As a big city, Jakarta has become a modern city with high cost of living and very crowd. That is why, to complete the needs, government is already facilitating every aspect to fill the people needs. Many things like entertainment, education, business opportunity can be find in Jakarta.

Jakarta tourism attraction can be found in every corner of Jakarta itself. For more detail: http://www.indonesia-tourism.com/jakarta/places.html

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