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East Java

Jawa Timur or East Java is one of Indonesia provinces that lies on Java Island, properly located on eastern side on Java Island, near Madura Island, which is also part on East Java province. The capital is Surabaya, which is the second largest city after Jakarta and the most industrial center and port.

The local inhabitant and the most ethic people is Javanese and some of Madurese, The Osing people of Banyuwangi and Tionghoa people. East Java is the place of some cultural diversities that live in the same harmony regarding their own way of living. Among those ethnic, there are also ethnic of Arab and Indian.

Although Bahasa is the mother language, Javanese is the dominant language that being used by the people, also madurese that being spoke by Madurese people and some ethnic related.

At early begin, East Java was about the famous kingdom of Majapahit and Singosari Kingdom. The Singosari nowadays is located on near Malang city and the Majapahit Kingdom is now centered at Trowulan, Mojokerto.

East Java is one of province with the highest economic significance. There are numbers of significant industrial which is located on East Java, like, the largest ship building yard in Indonesia, PT. PAL that settled on Surabaya. The Railway industry of PT. INKA in Madiun. The largest paper factory of PT Tjiwi Kimia in Sidoarjo and PT Leces in Probolinggo. Some of the large biggest tobacco company, like Gudang Garam in Kediri, Sampoerna in Surabaya and Pasuruan, and Bentoel in Malang. Also, the famous of cement industry of Cement Gresik and Petrokimia in Gresik. Moreover, the government is provide some industrial estate for focusing the industrial into one place.

For mining and energy resources like Blog Cepu the biggest Indonesia oil company is on Bojonegoro. PT.PJB which in charge on East Java power plants, including the steam power, hydroelectric, and gas power steam that provide the energy for Java and Bali.

East Java is a very rich province, regarding its tourism destination. It is full and complete. They have mountain, beaches, lakes, caves, museum, religious site, monument, historical site, and recreational parks.

Other particular of East Java is defining by their food. There are numbers of East Java food that already exist among others area in Indonesia. For instance, Pecel, Rujak, Bakso, Soto, Rawon and so on.

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