Cakalele Dance, Maluku

Cakalele Dance

Cakalele is a Moluccan traditional dance that is played by about 30 men and women. This dance is occasionally performed to welcome the guest of honor that come to Maluku. Other said that, this dance is performed during the offspring to the ancestors. Mollucans’ ancestors were great sailor man. At that time, before went to the ocean, the Mollucan sailor were party and dancing Cakalele. Hence, the custom is still be celebrate until present day, to honor the ancestors.

Cakalele’s male dancers wore the armor that is dominated by red and yellow colors. On either hand the dancers are holding a sword weapon (machete) on the right side and a shield (salawaku) on the left side. They also wearing a hat made ??of aluminum stuffed and it decorated by white chicken feathers.

Meanwhile, the female dancers are dressed in white traditional clothes, while holding handkerchiefs (Lenso) in both hands. The dancers are in paired and it accompaniment by traditional drum, flute, and large mussels (bia) that blown.

The specialty of this dance lies in three function symbols.
Red clothes male dancer costume, is symbolizing a sense of heroism on Moluccas, and the courage and patriotism of the Moluccan in the face of war.

The sword in the right hand is symbolizes the dignity of the Moluccans that should be maintained until death.

The shield (salawaku) and shouts loudly during the dance is symbolize the protest movement against the system of government which is considered impartially to the community.

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