Bedaya Pangkur Traditional Dance

Bedaya Pangkur Dance

Bedaya Pangkur Traditional dance is one of sacred dance from Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace, which is performed by 9 dancers and gentle movements. This dance was first performed since 200 years ago and it can be now performed outside the Royal Palace to be consumed by general entertainment.

Bedaya Pangkur Dance was created by Pakubuwono IV during 1787 – 1820. It has slow movements and it tells about the romanticism love.
The slow movements within the dance are symbolize the balancing of lust and human senses. These 9 dancers are the symbol of human being that have to control their lust. Moreover, the 9 female dancers are have to be virgin when performing this sacred dance.

Other uniqueness of this dance is taken from the movement of nine dancers, which looks similar but its different. This is because each of the dancers perform in accordance with the interpretation of movement and rhythm, they are not dancing with the matter tempo, or as well as on modern dances. No wonder that the movement of the dancers looked like messy but somehow unified.

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