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It’s Bandung, Everyone…

Bandung Bandung is the capital of West Java province, and the country’s third largest city, and 2nd largest metropolitan in Indonesia. The Dutch colonials first opened tea plantations around the mountains in the eighteenth century, followed by a road construction … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Biak

Biak Biak is a small island located in Cenderawasih Bay near the northern coast of Papua, and it is just northwest of New Guinea. Biak is the largest island in its small archipelago, and has many atolls, reefs, and corals. … Continue reading

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Manokwari Manokwari is a city and capital city of West Papua province. Manokwari is located on the north coast of the Bird’s Head area of Papua Island. This city is one of the historic city for the Christian community in … Continue reading

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The Exotique Jayapura

Jayapura Jayapura is the capital and largest city in Papua, Indonesia. The city has also been known in the past as Hollandia (1910-1962), Kota Baru 1962-1963) and even Sukarnopura (1963-1968). The northtern part of Dutch New Guinea was occupied by … Continue reading

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