Legon Prima Beach in Cinangka, Banten Regency

For those who love beaches, Banten Province offers many options. For example, there is Legon Prima Beach. It is situated in Cinangka District. This beautiful coast is popular among families and teenagers. In weekends, you may expect lots of visitors there. It features exotic scenery and numerous fun facilities. Most of the tourists come there for enjoying water sports and beach walking. The others visit the beach for relaxation. Not only local people, tourists also come from other cities. So, are you going? 

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Legon Prima Beach shares the same characteristics of Matahari Beach and other beaches in Anyer. The waves are stronger, though. Despite this fact, tourists are allowed to play in the shorelines. Sometimes, local boats are seen in such location. When it comes to the sand, it is brown and soft. There are some trees in the back, as well. Those create a comfortable atmosphere. Not to mention you can rest and sit under them. When it comes to facilities, there is a swimming pool. Banana boats are also available there!

Exploring Legon Prima Beach
The best feature in Legon is a formation of beach mats. That means tourists are allowed to sunbathe freely on it. Not to mention there is a swimming pool nearby. You can play either in seawater or pool water. Either way, it is quite refreshing. It is also possible to do jet skiing, banana boating, and much more. For those who don’t like tiring activities, you can simply sit and relax in the seashore. The sea scenery never disappoints you. Somehow, it gives you a serene mood. 

Beach walking is also fun. As mentioned earlier, the beach features brown and soft sand. Everyone can walk on it in a comfortable manner. In fact, you don’t even need to wear any sandals or shoes. This gives you a splendid experience, especially during sunset. For a merrier nuance, you should come with families. The beach is also suitable for a corporation gathering, in fact. Some parts of the beach are comfortable for relaxation and getting along with people. Due to this reason, make sure to come with more people. 

If you are visiting Legon Prima Beach, you should have booked a room in Prima Anyer Resort. This way, you can explore the beach simpler. It also helps you get enough rest prior to spending a whole day on the coast. As for preparations, there are primary items to carry such as a hat, camera, sunscreen, extra clothes, bottled water, snacks, and a mat. It is also possible to try some local foods! Make sure to carry some money. 

Nearby Attractions

  • Curug Betung
  • Jambu Beach
  • Curug Cigumawang

How to Get There
In order to get to Legon Prima Beach, you need to head to Cinangka District. From Jakarta, it takes about 2 ½ hours. The distance is 140, actually. The fastest route is Pantura Street and Nasional III Street. Once you reach Cinangka, you can directly reach Legon. The beach is easy to notice. If you need help, you can approach nearby locals for a direction. It is easy!

Where to Stay

  • Nuansa Hotel
  • Casa Krakatoa
  • Prima Anyer Resort

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